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Here you can find only the very latest 1/500 news from Herpa, Hogan, Inflight500, Sky500 etc.

If you need older news - take a look at the archives

For some reason I decided to convert the archive part of this website into a login system. 

If you still want access to those older information, you can get the password by email.

Sunday, 05.07.20:

Herpa - Open House 2020:

533102-001 Icelandair 767-30ER - "DB Schenker" sticker - registration TF-ISP "Eldgjà"




Thursday, 18.06.20:

Herpa - next WingsClub releases:

Air India 787-8 "Ghandi" - registration VT-ANP

Airbus House Color A321neo (A321-200NX) - registration D-AVZO

(information posted at by Faucett Peru)



Friday, 29.05.20:

Herpa - new releases 09/10 2020:

534437 Aer Lingus A321neo - registration EI-LRB "St. Attracta / Athracht"


534444 Air Macao A321neo "Macao welcomes you" - registration B-MBQ


534451 Lufthansa A319-100 "Lu" - registration D-AILU "Verden"


534468 Luftwaffe A350-900 Flugbereitschaft - registration 10+03


534475 Pan Am DC-10-30 - registration N84NA "Glory of the Skies"


534482 Qantas 747-200 - Centenary Series - registration VH-EBB "City of Melbourne"


534499 Sichuan Airlines A350-900 "Panda Route" - registration B-306N


534505 Christmas 2020 Beluga XL


534536 Air New Zealand 777-300ER - registration ZK-OKS


534543 Etihad 787-9 "Choose the USA" - registration A6-BLE


534550 Cargolux 747-8F "50th Anniversary" - registration LX-VCC "Spirit of Cargolux"


534567 QantasLink Fokker 100 - registration VH-NHP "Paraburdoo"


534574 Aeroflot A350-900 - registration VQ-BFY "P. Tchaikovsky"




Sunday, 24.05.20:


Once again a comparison of the variants of the Lufthansa 747-8I D-ABYA Brandenburg in new color scheme from 2018/2019.

So far I have discovered four versions (see table and picture above - release one to four from left to right). I think that the first two versions are identical in model!


1st, 3rd and 4th release - from left to right


2nd release


The blue color on the rear part of the fuselage and on the tail of the forth release (on right hand) is slightly brighter.


But the two blue tones are really hard to distinguish. I suppose that with the lighter blue tone (on right hand) always the bigger Lufthansa logo was printed on the tail!


Sheets with the original Lufthansa colors - forth release (on right hand) is slightly brighter


Forth release - on left hand - box with additional imprint "Lufthansa Officially Licensed Product"

Comments, additions etc. welcome :-)


Item number



Color (difficult to distinguish)


Diameter of Luft-hansa logo on the tail (mm)

Position of belly logo




darker blue

with lid

without imprint „Lufthansa Officially Licensed Product“ on the back side


in front   of the cut-out

exclusive release for Lufthansa WorldShop



darker blue

Lufthansa set box with four models

with (WorldShop) or without (collection) plastic card


in front   of the cut-out

for Lufthansa WorldShop

subset für the collection



darker blue

with lid

without imprint „Lufthansa Officially Licensed Product“ on the back side


behind the cut-out

for Lufthansa WorldShop




lighter blue

with lid

with imprint „Lufthansa Officially Licensed Product“ on the back side


behind the cut-out

collection release

with sat dome



Herpa - some more samples:

514736 Mekong Airlines 737-500 - registration XU-735


Sample (on left hand) with darker gear, different flag on right side of the fuselage, no belly logo, NG mould (instead of NG2)



519236 Luftwaffe C-160 Transall - "50 Years LTG 63" - registration 50+85


Sample (on left hand) - propellers without yellow tips, larger coat of arms on the upper side


Sample (on left hand) - no belly logo, smaller coat of arms on the underside



509497 Belgian Air Force C-130H Hercules "20 Years 20 Squadron" - registration CH-05


Sample (on left hand) - missing yellow markings, different camouflage scheme


Sample (on left hand) - no imprint "20 Years" on the underside



504904 LTU L-1011-1 TriStar - registration D-AERC


Sample (CW)



510295 Hawaiian 767-300ER



Registration N580HA (Sample) vs. N581HA (collection)




These events are organized by collectors for collectors at Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL) - located just 30 km west of DUS. First event was 15th of March 2014, next event on 17th of October 2020 (9:30 am - 3 pm):



Due to the current and foreseeable development of the Corona measures, we unfortunately do not see ourselves in a position to organise a replacement date for the 13th MGL Convention, which was cancelled in March.

Not being able to hold the 13th convention in the "darned" 7th year - one could become superstitious ;-)

All the more we are looking forward to the already announced 14th MGL Convention on 17.10.2020! Let's hope that the situation will have eased sufficiently by then ...

Happy Collecting

Your MGL Team



On own account:-)

Still looking for those 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!


Looking for the following Risesoon 1/500 releases:

CAL50B773P01 XG5156 China Airlines 777-300ER B-18051 - with stand / without sat dome (2015)

CAL50A333P06 China Airlines A330-300 "Welcome to Taiwan" - registration B-18355 - with stand

CAL?? XG5387 China Airlines A350-900 "Mikado Pheasant" - with stand (2017)

CAL?? XG5835 China Airlines A350-900 60th Anniversary (2019)


Hogan CX 777-300ER - Livery Launch 2015 - special box, brochure, bag


Unknown manufacturer Air New Zealand 777-300ER All Blacks (mould looks like 777-200)

(picture posted at by candyhk2)



Lysia/Aero Le Plane (?) AeroLogic 777F - registration D-AALA

(pictures posted at by hongkongplace)



Still looking for those older 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition.

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

- Aeroclassics Hughes HK-1 Spruce Goose - re-release 2004 with new box and "The Aviator" DVD


- Herpa CX 777-300 Classic Wing (!) Asia ’s World City

- Herpa Finnair Santa Claus MD-11 Herpa Cafe Box

- Herpa JAL DC-6 with booklet and stand with imprint

- Herpa Philippine Airlines Set 510134 747-400 + A340-300 - second release with stand

- Herpa Qantas 707-300 V-Jet - model known from Advent calendar 2006, just new Herpa Cafe box



- NM EADS/Qantas A380-800 - new box


- NM CX Cargo 707 chromed fuselage  

- NM Northwest 707 chromed fuselage

- NM Libyan 707 chromed fuselage

- NM PIA 747-300 Lahore golden fuselage


- 5Stars Gulf Air A380 golden fuselage

- 5Stars Qatar A380 golden fuselage


- Sky500 Hainan 767 golden - registration B-2490


- Hogan Dragonair A330 10th Anniversary with stand - B-HWK

- Hogan FedEx A310-200F by Lysia for FedEx HKG (without display stand) - not sure whether this one really exists?

- Hogan Dragonair A330 Red Box by Lysia - not sure whether this one really exists?


- H-T China Southern A340-300

- H-T China Southwest A340-300 with box (creme/rosa)

- H-T China Southwest 747-400  


- Lysia Singapore Airlines 747-400F





- Herpa Sample Ju 52 Coca-Cola  

  (picture posted at by UweP)




- Herpa Sample JAL Disney Sea 747-400  




- Herpa Sample Delta Olympic 2002 Salt Lake City 757



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