Wings Search 2007 Part 3

Here you can find my older 1/500 news (September -December 2007) from Herpa, Inflight500, Netmodels, etc.

If you need older news - take a look at the archives

Friday, 28.12.07: Herpa re-release

514897 A380-800 Air France - additional imprint on fuselage, different colors on wings, both with window frames (re-release on left hand)

Thursday, 27.12.07: Netmodels - new release

A380 China Southern - this is a 1/400 release!!!!! (picture

Herpa - re-release:

508544 Air Calin A330-200 F-OJSE NG (picture

Monday, 24.12.07:


Dear Collectors! I would like to thank you again for visiting my site during this year! I hope you enjoyed getting fresh news (for the most part of the year;-) and details concerning aircraft models!?  Looking forward to your feedback during the next year and to the news at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (7th to 12th February 2008)! Perhaps we can meet at Nuremberg or Dietenhofen during this time! I wish joy and happiness not only at Christmas but every day of the New Year 2008 to all of you:-) Happy collecting and best regards from Kirchhellen, Germany Peter


JAL 737-800 - white box - sold at X-Mas Community Day in Dietenhofen  (pictures Björn Limprecht / Anton Zoller)

Schuco/Inflight - coming soon:

British Airways 747-400 G-BNLA - limited 804

Britannia 767-300 G-OBYB - limited 804 - mentioned here before

Boeing House Color 727-100 N7001U - limited 804

TWA 747-100 N93105 - limited 804 (pictures

Wednesday, 19.12.07:


Announcement at "European Distribution changes for 2008 2008 will also see a change in distribution for Europe. Unfortunately the relationship between Schuco and Inflight is coming to an end at the end of 2007. May we ask if you are a retailer within Europe who carries the Inflight 200 models or wishes to carry the models then please contact us via email: We are pleased to say we shall be able to offer the models at a lower price than previously offered."

No confirmation until now that this also will affect Inflight500 models!

Tuesday, 18.12.07:

Herpa - now available - WingsClub annual free model:

505093 Uzbekistan Airways IL-62 UK-86573 - limited 2300

Herpa: At the Herpa X-Mas Community Day in Dietenhofen a JAL 737-800 was sold in a white box, stand without printing. Anybody who can provide me pictures or the model itself?

Sunday, 16.12.07: Herpa - new samples spotted at X-Mas collectors meeting at DUS:

KLM 777-300ER

Delta 767-300 nc N125DL

Air Berlin 737-800 nc D-ABBX

Air Ceylon DC-8-40 4R-ACT   Herpa - coming soon:

515306 JAL 787-8 JA851J inflight configuration - release for Japanes market only (picture

Customized model - made by David Resch ( - shown at X-Mas collectors meeting at DUS:

Based on a StarJets 727-200 PanAm (SJPAA109A) - aluminium stairs and hole in the fuselage milled using a CNC milling-machine - lighted by a SMD LED - powered by a 3V battery

Friday, 14.12.07: Schuco/Inflight - now available:

IF5112002 Courtline L-1011 G-BAAB

IF5880001 Delta CV-880 N8817E

IF5D10005 Air New Zealand DC-10 ZK-NZM

IF5763010 China Southern 767-300 B-2564

IF5721005 CPAir 727-100 CF-CPK

IF5722004 Air Algerie 727-200 7T-VEH (pictures

Jet-X - coming soon - new moulds:

Alitalia Express ERJ145 I-EXML 700th

Alitalia Express ERJ145 I-EXMM

Lufthansa Regional CRJ200 D-ACLW

Lufthansa CRJ200 D-ACHG

China Southern ERJ145 B-3062

China Southern ERJ145 B-3066

BBX500 - coming soon - new mould - to be confirmed:

Cathay Pacific L-188 Electra VR-HFO

Cathay Pacific L-188 Electra VR-HFO golden

Sky500 - coming soon:

Boeing 747-400LCF with logo (also available in gold) (pictures Johan Chan)

Sunday, 09.12.07: Schuco/Inflight - coming soon:

Air Canada L-1011-1

Britannia 767-300

SAS DC-10-30 (pictures posted at

Tuesday, 04.12.07: Schuco/Inflight - coming soon:

3554119 727-100 Braniff yellow

3554118 SE-210 Iberia Globe

3554120 IL76MD Cubana (pictures and

Wednesday, 28.11.07: Herpa - new releases January/February 2008: 502269 Cathay Pacific A330-300 100th Aircraft - model and box identical to CXcitement release  504959 Cathay Pacific L-1011-385 Cathay Pacific oc - model and box identical to CXcitement release 509046 Canadian Air Force A310 MRT  504683 Bangkok Airways A320 "Samui" 515337 British Airways / Sun Air Do-328 Jet 515320 KMV TU-154 509961 LTU A330-200

(pictures posted at

Herpa - WingsClub release - coming soon: British Airways 747-200 Paithani

Tuesday, 27.11.07: Herpa/Hogan - now available:

NH50048 ANA 787-8 (already mentioned here before, just new photo) (picture

Monday, 26.11.07: Schuco/Inflight500 - something missing:-)

3554079 Flying Tigers 747-100 (Thank you Markus)

Sunday, 25.11.07: Herpa - re-release: 505567 Air Baltic 737-500 - new registration YL-BBP

Friday, 23.11.07: 5Stars - now available:

FS0481QA - Qatar A380 (also available in gold - see picture below) (picture

Saturday, 10.11.07: Inflight500 - now available:

IF5210002 SE-210 Alitalia

IF5D10006 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 Pan Am

IF5210001 SE-210 Sabena

IF5990001 CV-990 Swissair (pictures

Tuesday, 06.11.07: Inflight500/Schuco - mentioned before, just new pictures:

IF5990004 CV-990 American Airlines (polished)

IF5721003 727-100 Braniff orange

IF5744002 747-400 Lufthansa regular scheme

IF5210003 SE-210 Swissair

IF5DC10005 DC-10 Air New Zealand

IF5743004 747-300 Air India

IF5763010 767-300 China Southern (pictures

Sunday, 04.11.07: Lysia - now available:

Dragonair A330-300 - new mould - mentioned here before, but without picture

Herpa/Hogan - re-release:

CX A330-300 100th aircraft - without 60th Anniversary sticker on fuselage, new box (left one)

Herpa - re-release - mentioned here before, but without picture:

507141 SIA A380-800 - re-release on the left hand with different orange color on fuselage and tail

Herpa - not new, but not mentioned here before:

Eva Air Hello Kitty II A330-200 B-16309 white box - sold at Herpa Community Day in Dietenhofen last summer

Saturday, 03.11.07: Herpa/Hogan - new release: CX Cargo - Twin Pack Freighter Set 747-400 - sorry, this is a 1/1000 release :-)

Hogan (?) - new release: 

Dragonair Cargo 747-400F - any information welcome, maybe also 1/1000 release? (picture Keikou Kurosawa)

Thursday, 01.11.07: Inflight500/Schuco - coming soon: CV-990 American Airlines (polished) 727-100 Braniff orange 747-400 Lufthansa regular scheme SE-210 Swissair DC-10 Air New Zealand 747-300 Air India 767-300 China Southern

Wednesday, 31.10.07:

More than 150.000 hits since starting this website in 2000! Thank you very much :-)

Herpa - re-release:

511575 747-400 JASDF, without "50th Anniversary" logo, with cockpit window frames and passenger window frames , new box (picture posted by sascha at

Netmodels - already mentioned before, but without pictures

Monarch 757-200 golden

Monarch 757-200 Hedkandi golden (pictures

Monday, 29.10.07: Netmodels - new release:

Qatar A380 - golden release (picture

Thursday, 25.10.07: 5Stars - new release

Gulf Air A380 (picture

Hogan - coming soon

CX 777-300ER (picture posted by cathay250 at

Monday, 22.10.07: Herpa - new re-releases: 514897 Air France A-380-800 - painted engines

514521 Emirates A380-800 - Emirates logo on fuselage

520188 10 Goldhofer tractors - Eva Air (picture posted at by MC84)

Sunday, 21.10.07: Herpa/Hogan/Lysia - not new, but not mentioned here before

Hogan-Release CX A330-300 10th Anni with stand (VIP release) – B-HLM(pictures posted at by bongo)

Hogan-Release Dragonair A330-300 10th Anni with stand (VIP release) – B-HWK (picture posted at DAC-Forum by Tapemeister)

Herpa-Release CX A330-300 10th Anni – old release with additional imprint – B-HLA (pictures posted at by lollomz and lowflyer7)

Lysia-Release Dragonair A330-300 10th Anni – new Lysia mould – B-HWK (pictures posted at DAC-Forum by lollomz)

Saturday, 20.10.07: Netmodels - coming soon:

British Airways 757-200 G-BMRA World Tail Paithani - India (sorry, no Golden Khokhloma - Russia)

British Airways 757-200 G-BMRC Sydney 2000 Teaming up for Britain

Boeing 747-400LCF bare metal

ANA 767-300 JA8579 special livery (Samples shown at DUS collectors meeting by Markus Kircher

Wednesday, 17.10.07: Inflight500/Schuco - coming soon:


Herpa/Hogan - coming soon:

NHS52004 - ANA 737-200 Set (picture

Hogan - now available (already mentioned here before):

Oasis 747-400 (pictures

Saturday, 13.10.07: BBX500/Netmodels - coming soon:

BBX500 British United ATL 98 G-ARSD (already mentioned here before) BBX500 British United ATL 98 G-ARSD Golden

NM500 Qantas 767 Wallabies (already mentioned here before as 5Stars release) 

NM500 Monarch Airlines 757 NM500 Monarch Airlines 757 Golden

NM500 Monarch Airlines 757 Hed Kandi NM500 Monarch Airlines 757 Hed Kandi Golden (pictures

Thursday, 11.10.07: Inflight500 - coming soon


Inflight500 - now available

IF5112003 Eastern L-1011-1 Tristar

IF5D10004 Ghana Airways DC-10-30 (pictures

Herpa - re-release 516105 Lufthansa 747-400 D-ABTL "Dresden"

Herpa - already mentioned before, just new photos

503259 Air India 707-300 - WorldShop release

516211 Lufthansa DC-10-30 - WorldShop release

Herpa releases 11/12 2007

371025 Herpa Color Set "Wings"  "Carefully matched for Wings are these nine colors of the Herpa Color Set with which airplane buildings and runways on the airplane diorama as well as airplane models can be patinated and aged. The set contains nine nontoxic, water-based acrylic colors, two brushes, an integrated mixing palette as well as detailed instructions." (pictures and text

Wednesday, 10.10.07: WingsWorld 05/2007 news 505314 TUIfly 737-300 D-AGEJ "Leipzig/Halle" - limited 1000 - WingsClub release 508544 Aircalin A330-200 - new registration F-OJSE - inflight and eXtra-shop release Austrian Airlines Set A320 OE-LBP and 777-200 OE-LPA - inflight only 502085 Cargolux 747-400F with moveable freight door new registration LX-WCV "City of Petange" - inflight ;-) and eXtra-shop release LTU A330-200 D-ALPI - new interims livery 2007 - limited 1000 - eXtra-shop release

Tuesday, 02.10.07: Another short gap here - I will leave to Canada (Toronto and Niagara Falls) today for vacation! But only for one week. Next news here on 9th or 10th of October! Happy collecting Peter

Monday, 01.10.07: BBX500 - coming soon

ATL-98 British United G-ARSD (picture

Sunday, 30.09.07: Herpa - recent re-releases   507141 SIA A380 (inflight) - orange color changed on tail and fuselage (to be confirmed) 515900 Lufthansa 737-300 - D-ABET, with window frames 507028 Air France Concorde - F-BVFF 509107 Germanwings Bearbus A319 – with window frames, new mould NG3 506120 Air France A318 – F-GUGP, new mould NG2, new box507493 Swiss A340-300 – HB-JME, with window frames516051 Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 747-200F (open nose) – D-ABYU Asia, WOW logo light blue 514965 Lufthansa A330-300 – D-AIKD Siegen, new box507080 Thai A340-600 - HS-TNB 509114 Air Berlin A320 - D-ABDD, new mould NG3 507721 USAF C-130 - new registration 505697 LH 747-400M Combi - with window frames 513067 Air Berlin 737-800 – D-ABBB 507981 Czech A320 - new mould NG3 516709 Lufthansa Ju-52 - smaller text imprinting on wings 516501 Lufthansa A320 - D-AIPB Heidelberg, with window frames, new mould NG3 502511 USAF Air Force One 747-200 - with brighter landing gear507394 SAA A340-600 - ZS-SNI, with window frames


519472 Accessories I - improved printing, new box with window

519724 Accessories VI - improved printing, new box with window (pictures

Herpa - releases for Japanese market now available (mentioned before, but without pictures)

- 503253 Japan Airlines 737-800 - JA301J, limited 2000 - new

- 504331 PanAm 747SP - N531PA - with framed passenger windows - re-release

- 510509 Korean 777-300 - HL7534 - with framed passenger windows - re-release pictures

Herpa - new Worldshop releases

Lufthansa DC-10-30 D-ADAO Leverkusen in wooden box - limited 1200

Air India 707-300 - old model (Advent calendar 2003), but new box (pictures

Herpa - recent releases

507431 Armavia A320 EX32008 

510899 Bulgarian Air Charter TU-154 LZ-LCX - WingsClub release

505369 Condor 757-200 Rizzi Bird D-ABNF - WingsClub special release because of 10th WingsWorld anniversary - limited 2000 (pictures

505772 Pan Am 737-200 N382PA Clipper Kreuzberg - available at Herpa Museum Dietenhofen - 2. version - limited 300 (picture

Hogan - coming soon

NH50026 ANA 767-300ER JA607A

NH50046 ANA 767-300ER Fly! Panda JA606A

NH50048 ANA 787-8 Dreamliner - white wings

NHS52003 ANA 737-700ER Business Jet JA10AN and ANA DHC-8-400 JA845A (new mould!) set

NHS52005 ANA Fokker 50 oc red JA8200 and Triton blue JA8889 set (pictures

Oasis 747-400 will be available next month (mentioned before, just new picture) (picture

Inflight500/Schuco - some recent news, not mentioned here before:


3554099 Lufthansa 727-100 oc D-ABIG Kiel

3554101 Pan Am DC-10-30 (pictures


IF5722003 PAN AM 727-200 (picture

Inflight500 samples shown at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2007

(picture posted at by AI742)

Netmodels/BBX500 - recent releases

ANA 767 Panda

Flyglobespan 757   

Flyglobespan 757 Liverpool John Lennon Airport

ATL-98 BAF - British Air Ferries - polished - G-ASDC

Flyglobespan 757 - golden release  

Flyglobespan 757 Liverpool John Lennon Airport - golden release

ATL-98 BAF - British Air Ferries - golden release - G-ASDC

Oasis 747-400 B-LFA

Oasis 747-400 B-LFB

Oasis 747-400 B-LFC

ATL-98 BAF - British Air Ferries - G-ASKN (pictures Johan Chan and posted by aviationstore_passau at

5Stars - recent releases


(picture TNT 747-400F OO-THA - limited 504 - wrong mould used!

Qantas 767-300 Spirit of Australia - this is a Netmodels release! (picture

JAL Resocha JA8184 (also released with golden fuselage, also released before with registration JA8183) (picture

F-Toys (Japan) - new releases: "JAL Wing Collection" - 8 models

777-200 JAL 777-300 JAL 767-300 JAL 737-800 JAL 747-400 JAL 747-400D JAL 747-200 JAA 747-200 JAA nc (picture ......... Gap filled! Or still anything missing? Let me know! .........