Wings Search 2006 Part 3

Here you can find my older 1/500 news (September-December 2006) from Herpa, BigBird, Netmodels, etc. If you need older news - take a look at the archives Thursday, 28.12.06:  F-Toys (Japan) - new releases:

Second part of the "ANA Wing Collection" - 10 models (8 + 2 secrets) 747SR, Japanese title 747SR, Mohican 737-700, Triton 737-700, Gold YS-11, ANA, Japanese title YS-11, ANA Mohican A320, ANA Japanese title A320, ANK YS-11, ANA oc ("secret") YS-11, ANA Mohican ("secret", scale > 1/500) (picture

Sunday, 24.12.06:

(picture (take a look at this site to find more airplane and aviation Christmas Greeting cards)

Dear Collectors! I would like to thank you for visiting my site during this year! I hope you enjoyed getting fresh news and details concerning 1/500 and 1/1000 aircraft models!? Looking forward to your feedback during the next year and to great Herpa news at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (1st to 6th February 2007)! Perhaps we can meet at Nuremberg or Dietenhofen during this time! I wish joy and happiness not only at Christmas but every day of the New Year 2007 to all of you:-)

Happy collecting and best regards from Kirchhellen, Germany


Herpa - now available:

505376 Western Pacific 737-300 Sam's Town (WingsClub)

Herpa re-release: 514231 China Airlines Set containing: 747-400 B-18207 A330-300 B-18312

737-800 with winglets B-18616 All models with regular livery, brighter gear and darkened engine intakes. (information and more pictures posted at by LAX)

Wednesday, 20.12.06: Herpa - new release:

Little mistake - but just on the box;-) 505383 WingsClub 2006 free annual model SAS DC-8 classic Viking livery LN-MOH (limited 2300) (picture Michael Asensio)

Herpa - a long time ago:

Display with the very first 16 Collection models - 15 models in B01 box and the JAL 747-400 in the special white box. Therefore I guess the JAL 747-400 was never released in B01 box! But maybe I am wrong?

Wednesday, 13.12.06: Herpa/Lysia - new releases:

American Airlines 777-200 (pictures

Air Hongkong Set 707, 747-100, 747-200, A300-600F Reg. B-LDB, B-LDC, B-LDD, B-LDE or B-LDF (picture at by mooichoo)

Saturday, 09.12.06: Netmodels - coming soon: Airbus A380 House Color will be released soon in 4 (!) different versions:-)

5Stars - new release:

IL-76 Air Koryo (picture

Monday, 04.12.06: Herpa news: - WingsWorld 10th Anniversary 2007 special release (no more details until now) - Herpa WingsClub Scenix Edition Sound Diorama with Bangkok Airways 717-200 Luang Prabang and ATR-72 Pha Nga (February 2007) - 6th WingsClub release 2006 Western Pacific Sam's Town 737-300 N955WP (limited 1000) - Edelweiss A330-200 HB-IQZ inflight (new box) - Edelweiss A320-200 HB-IHY inflight (new box) - Herpa Museums Edition PanAm 737-200  first edition: N67AF Clipper of Tempelhof (February 2007) partial editions will be imprinted with different registration  - Boeing 787 sample:

- Coming soon: 

Cargolux 747-400F special livery (planned but not realized by Cargolux) LX-GCV  (limited 1500 for Cargolux)

Air Koryo IL-62 P-885

Niki A320-200

- new release (mentioned before but without picture):  

CX B-LAD "100th aircraft of Cathay Pacific" (limited 2000) (picture posted at by hkmodel)

Friday, 24.11.06: Herpa - new releases January/February 2007:


Thursday, 23.11.06: 5Stars - coming soon

Korean Air A380-800 (picture   Inflight500 - forthcoming releases (mentioned before, but without pictures):

IF5741002 747-100 KLM - delivery color

IF5176005 IL-76 Prototype color

IF5763004 767-300 Martinair

IF5732006 737-200 Royal Brunei (pictures

Netmodels - coming soon: A380 Airbus House Color 747 PIA 767 Air France   Herpa - now available at herpa eXtra:

502405 Olympic Airways 747-200 NG (picture

Saturday, 18.11.06: Herpa re-releases: - 507417 Lufthansa A340-600 D-AIHD Stuttgart - silver frame around the passenger windows - 516532 Lufthansa A319-100 NG2, brighter landing gear - 513067 Air Berlin 737-800 D-ABBH

Herpa sample (not new)

Transavia Airlines 737-800 (picture by Julien Dousse)

Wednesday, 15.11.06: Netmodels - new releases

Corsair 747-400 F-GTUI "" blue tail (limited 100)

Corsair 747-400 F-GTUI "" TUI tail (limited 100)

Corsair 747-400 F-HSEX "" TUI tail (limited 100)

LTU 767-300 D-AMUN (limited 132)

LTU 767-300 D-AMUR (limited 132) (pictures posted at by lollomz)

Sunday, 12.11.06: Here you can find some pictures concerning Herpa MD-11 SG vs. NG vs. NG2

Saturday, 11.11.06: 5Stars - coming soon

JAL 747-400 Samurai Blue 2006 (picture

Herpa - eXtra release December

514927 Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049G -  available in December at eXtra partner shops (same as Lufthansa WorldShop release in 2005?) (picture

Herpa sample (not new)

Air Scotland 757-200 (operated by Electra Airlines) (picture by Julien Dousse)

Herpa Advent Calendar 2006 You can find pictures of the two included exclusive models here and here! If you really want to take a look at them now, because it is an old German tradition to open one door of the calendar every day from December 1st through to Chistmas Eve...................... (pictures

Monday, 06.11.06: Inflight500 - forthcoming releases until April 2007: 747-100 KLM - delivery color IL-76 Prototype color 767-300 Martinair 737-200 Royal Brunei 747-200 Aerolineas Argentinas 747-300 Saudi Arabian Airlines - old color 707-300 Air India 737-200 Braniff - ultra scheme 747-200 ALIA - red scheme 707-300 TWA - Twin Stripe 737-200 Pan Am - Clipper Tempelhof 767-300 American Airlines - polished 747-200 Nigeria Airways 767-300 Delta - widget livery 707-300 American Airlines - Lightning Bolt 727-200 American Airlines 747-100F Flying Tigers - polished 737-200 USAF T-43 707-300 Continental Airlines - Black Meatball 727-200 TWA 747-200 Swissair IL-76TD Russian Sky 737-200 United - Saul Bass 767-300 British Airways (posted at by hugo) - To be confirmed!

Sunday, 05.11.06: Herpa - new release:

507998 Qatar Asian Games No. 3 A330-300 (red) What a beauty:-) Already shown here before, just a new photo

Friday, 03.11.06: Herpa/Hogan - new release:

Air Hongkong A300-600F without registration (pictures posted by ssunkorj at

Wednesday, 01.11.06: Cheers :-)

Herpa Concorde Coca-Cola (sample) and Pepsi (507011) - not new, but nice:-)

Thursday, 26.10.06: 5Stars - new release:

Eva Air 757-200 (picture posted at by hongkongplace)

Herpa/Hogan - coming soon: CX 100th Aircraft A330-300X B-LAD - to be confirmed

Monday, 23.10.06: Inflight500 - coming soon: IF5176004 Ilyushin IL-76 Russian Air Force RED01 IF5742004 747-200 TAP CS-TJB IF5763003 767-300 Iberia EC-GTI IF5732004 737-200 LAN CC-CVI (information found at

Friday, 20.10.06: 5Stars - coming soon:

Malaysia 747-400 Hibiscus (picture

Friday, 13.10.06: Inflight500 - new releases:

IF5707003 Saudia 707-300

IF563002 Austrian 767-300

IF5742002 ALIA / Royal Jordanian 747-200

IF5742003 SAS 747-200 (pictures

Thursday, 12.10.06: Herpa - WW05/06 News: - 507202 Delta Air Lines 747-100 N9899 oc - WingsClub - Air Canada Inflight Heritage Set - Trans Canada Airlines DC-3 CF-TDM - Trans Canada Airlines Viscount CF-TID - Trans Canada Airlines L-1049G CF-TGE (same as 507233)  - Mini-Diorama with special sound system - WingsClub, December

Saturday, 07.10.06: Herpa - small differences:

514828 Qantas 747-200 Boxing Kangaroo - imprints on the lower part of the engines (beneath the Qantas logo) in red or blue (hard to see on the pictures:-)

501439 Lufthansa 747-400 D-ABVL München - different boxes: - first release: picture of 747-400 "Potsdam" on the box - second release: same picture, but name of the aircraft on the picture corrected to "München" 

Thursday, 05.10.06: Herpa - new samples:

US Airways A320-200 nc N109UW (already shown before)

US Airways A319-200 PSA Heritage N742PS (pictures

Wednesday, 04.10.06: Can anyone tell me something about these models?

Virgin Atlantic 747-200 G-VLAX, no box, no belly logo

Northwest 747-400 nc N661US, white box, "Challenger" belly logo Thank you :-)

Herpa - new release:

China Southern A330-200 - made for Herpa Cafe at HKG

Herpa - now available:-)

514996 Swissair DC-8-50 - new release December 2005;-) (picture

Friday, 29.09.06: Unknown manufacturer - mentioned before, but without photo:

China Airlines A330-300 Butterfly Orchid, made for Airshop,Taíwan

Unknown manufacturer - mentioned before, just new photos:

China Airlines A330-300 Fruit-Sweet, made for Airshop,Taíwan

Tuesday, 26.09.06: Herpa - new release: Thai A340-600 nc inflight - different box

Herpa - new releases November/December: - 506090 American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (new mould) - 501460 dba Boeing 737-300 "Puma - Willkommen zum Fußball" - 501477 Okay Airways Boeing 737-900 - 515153 TAP Airbus A330-200 - 507240 BA Concorde (old color) - 507226 Cargolux Boeing 747-400F (moveable nose cargo door) - 515146 CSA Ilyushin IL-62 - 515139 NATO Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS (new mould) - 507233 Trans Canada Airlines Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation - 504935 UN Lockheed L-100 Hercules - 507981 CSA Airbus A320 (re-release with new registration OK-LEE) - 520591 Winter Service Vehicles

Sunday, 17.09.06: Herpa - coming soon:

503570 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F D-ALCA WOW (picture

Inflight500 - coming soon:

IF5707002 TMA 707-300 - limited 744

IF5741001 Aer Lingus 747-100 - limited 744

IF5732003 Air Malta 737-200 - limited 744

IF5176003 Syrian Air IL-76T - limited 744


Saturday, 09.09.06: Herpa/Hogan - coming soon (2007):

NH50038 ANA 787-800 (picture

Herpa: Worldshop release 1666094 Lufthansa Cargo 747-200F arrived today. Differences to the description/picture in the Worldshop catalogue: - registration D-ABYO - name America - orange WOW-logo - no Lufthanso Cargo tractor included - no difference to normal release 516051 (Collection October 2006)

Monday, 04.09.06: Herpa - coming soon:

Lufthansa Cargo 747-200F D-ABZF Africa - with Lufthansa Cargo tractor - Worldshop release (picture

Herpa - new sample:

Thai nc 747-400 (picture posted at DAC by Tapemeister)

Sunday, 03.09.06: Netmodels - new release:

747-200 CX "Golden" Bullet:-) (picture posted at