Wings Search 2006 Part 1

Here you can find my older 1/500 news (January-April 2006) 1/500 news from Herpa, BigBird, Netmodels, etc. If you need older news - take a look at the archives

Saturday, 29.04.06: Herpa - WingsWorld-News (a little bit late;-): - Herpa Summer Party on July 1, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. - every Wings Club member will get ONE Qatar A330-300 15th Asian Games (orange) for free - guided tours through construction, mold construction, diecasting, and printing departments (cars & trucks) - a show with trucks, cars, vintage cars, tractors and fire engines - workshops - free flights in a flight simulator - an exhibition about "aircraft, airports, airfacts" - live music in a marquee from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.    - hope to meet you at Dietenhofen:-)

- Next Wings Club release Air Gemini 727-100 S9-BAH (limited 1250)

- ILA 2006 special release Lufthansa A330-300 D-AIKI with the soccer ball on the nose (limited 1500)

- Air France 777-300ER - follow-up edition for retail (506656), registration F-GSQA - follow-up edition for Boeing and Air France (506779), registration F-GSQN 

- JAL 777-300ER Samurai Blue 2006 special release for Japanese distributor

- KLM 747-400 follow-up edition for Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (limited 1000) - registration PH-BFT, City of Tokyo, Skyteam logo, different window color, APU 

- British Airways 747-400 follow-up edition, new registration G-CIVR

(some pictures

Friday, 28.04.06: Herpa - coming soon:

509992 Libyan Arab IL-76, registration 5A-DZZ, limited 1000 (picture

Thursday, 27.04.06: Herpa - re-releases: 519472 Airport Accessories I - new Scenix box, imprinted with additional details 520317 Airport Accessories XV - new Scenix box 500609 Qantas 747-400 - brighter gear 516501 Lufthansa A320-200 Dessau - brighter gear 511780 Lufthansa Vickers Viscount - new registration D-ANAB

Thursday, 20.04.06: Speedie Air - new release:

SAAC003 Air China A340-300 (limited 432) (picture 

Monday, 17.04.06: Herpa re-release - not brand-new, but not shown here before:

515900 Lufthansa 737-300 D-ABEL Pforzheim

Thursday, 13.04.06: Herpa/Hogan - already shown before, but this is a much better picture:

NH50032 ANA 777-300 JA752A Wind (picture

Wednesday, 12.04.06: Herpa/Hogan - coming soon:

NH50042 ANA 777-200 JA713A

NH50043 ANA 777-200 JA703A (pictures posted at by arisa)

Sunday, 09.04.06: Herpa - re-release:

508407 US Airways A330-300 with Star Alliance logo (picture

Herpa/Hogan - already shown before, just some more details:

NHS52001 - Set with ANA Pocket Monster 2004 (Pikachu) JA8957 and Pocket Monster 2005 (Ohana) JA8956

Models unchanged to the previous released NH50030 and NH50031 - besides the new engines used for the Pikachu (E65 instead of E02)

Herpa - memories:-)

Just arrived at Kirchhellen - 500890 Korean Air 747-400 Expo 93 - W1 windows, no silver stripe at tail, no belly logo, old engines (E01), special box, booklet

Netmodels - already shown before, just some more details:

JAL World Cup 2002 747-400D JA8908 - second release in white box with triangle window, without belly logo, with improved/thinner printing (e.g. "Japan Airlines" printed on the fuselage)

Friday, 07.04.06: Herpa - new samples spotted at Intermodellbau in Dortmund (German Toy Fair):

Embraer ERJ-170

AWACS According to Herpa both models will be released in 1/500 (pictures posted at by dancer)

Tuesday, 04.04.06: BigBird - coming soon - missing pictures added:

Air Canada 747-200 "C-FTOE"

Air Canada 747-200 "C-GAGC"  

Air Canada 747-400 "Yves & I going to HKG"

Air Canada 747-400 Interim "Canadi>n" with the goose

Air Canada 747-400 "Chinese title"

Air Canada 747-400 "Combi"    (pictures   Sunday, 26.03.06: Fullwings: Just got some more Fullwings releases

JAL 747-300 Soccer World Cup 2002, Garuda 747-400

Corsair 747-300 Sex, Corsair 747-300 Sea If anyone knows more than these Fullwings releases please let me know: Manufacturer Aircraft Wings.Airline Remark Registration Boeing 747-400D ANA - All Nippon Airways Snoopy,stand -- Boeing 747-300 ANA - All Nippon Airways Marine Jumbo,green color,stand JA8963 Boeing 747-400D ANA - All Nippon Airways Pocket Monster,stand -- Boeing 747-400 ANA - All Nippon Airways Woody Woodpecker Universal,stand JA8358 Boeing 747-300 Corsair Sex,stand F-GSEX Boeing 747-300 Corsair Sea,stand F-GSEA Boeing 747-200F Dragonair stand B-KAA Boeing 747-400 Garuda Indonesia stand PK-GSH Boeing 747-300 JAL - Japan Airlines Worldcup 2002,stand -- Boeing 747-200 JALways Resocha,purple,stand -- Boeing 747-400 Qantas stand VH-OJC Boeing MD-11F Transmile stand 9M-TG

Saturday, 25.03.06:

Herpa/Hogan - re-release:

NH50047 ANA 747-400D Pokemon 1999 (previous released as NH50027)

(picture posted at by negusekun)   

Herpa/Hogan - coming soon:

NH50032 ANA 777-300 JA752A Wind


Friday, 24.03.06:

Herpa - new releases 05/06:

501996 A319 Germanwings "T-Mobile" 503204 727-200 Turkish Airlines 504928 L-1049G KLM 505673 737-300 Norwegian Air Shuttle "Sonja Henie" 505697 747-400M Lufthansa (open doors) 506175 MD-90 JAL 506762 377 Stratocruiser Pan American 507073 757-200 Song 507097 Convair 440 Delta Air Lines 507103 A330-200 LTU 507752 AN-124 Libyan Air Cargo 514637 A321-100 Lufthansa "Retro"

(posted at

Herpa / Hogan - coming soon (missing photos added):

NH50037 B747SR-100 ANA SR Last Flight JA8157 

NH50040 B747-200B ANA LR First Flight JA8174 

NH50041 B747-200B ANA LR Last Flight JA8175 

NH50044 B747SR-100 ANA Mohican JA8133

(pictures / posted at by arisa)

Tuesday, 28.02.06: Netmodels - new releases:

BA 757-200 Blue Peter

CX 767 oc (pictures Johan Chan)

Saturday, 25.02.06: ANA - new release:

ANA YS-11A oc JA8744 with stand - unknown manufacturer

ANA YS-11A compared with Herpa/Hogan YS-11A JTA

Wednesday, 22.02.06: Speedie Air - coming soon:

SAAM004 Air Macau 727-200 (picture Speedie Air)

Monday, 13.02.06: Herpa/Hogan - new release:

NH50021 ANA 747SR-100 JA8159 Farewell Super Jumbo Last Flight Memorial  (picture posted at by negusekun)

Saturday, 11.02.06: WingsWorld 1/2006 news:

Lan Chile 707-300 CC-CEI "Valle Azapa" WingsClub 1/2006

JAL 777-200 JA771J "Mushi King" limited 2000

Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIGS "Bergisch Gladbach" and 747-400 D-ABVL "München"  with classic soccer pattern - WorldShop releases March 2006


Friday, 10.02.06: Nuremberg Toy Fair 2006: Though spending two days at the Toy Fair I did not find any other manufacturer of 1/500 Wings than Herpa. Of course no BigBird, Netmodels or 5Stars. Schabak is gone, only rumours about new Schuco wings, but no samples or detailed infos available at the moment. Here are some impressions - without words:


Friday, 03.02.06: Nuremberg Toy Fair 02th - 07th February First Herpa news: Convair Catalina PBY-5 - sorry, this will be a 1/400 release:-) Antonov AN-124 Libyan Air Cargo Thai new color A340 I will visit the Nuremberg Toy Fair and herpa / Dietenhofen this weekend and next week. I hope that I can give you some fresh information and photos on 08th or 09th of February:-)

Corgi - now available:

90386 Vickers VC-10 RAF (not exact 1/500 scale!) (picture

Thursday, 02.02.06: Herpa - missing photos:

507516 Qatar A330-200 15th Asian Games (blue)

507523 Qatar A330-300 15th Asian Games (orange) (pictures posted at by hongkongplace)

Wednesday, 01.02.06: Herpa/Hogan - missing photos:

NH50034 ANA 747-400D JA8963

NH50035 ANA 747-400D Chinese title JA8961 (pictures

Tuesday, 31.01.06: Herpa: You can see pictures of the new releases 03/04 now at (German broschure new releases March/April 2006)


747-400F China Southern Cargo (limited 300) (previously announced here, but this will be only a 1/400 release!!)

Herpa - new releases (inflight): 507516 Qatar A330-200 15th Asian Games (blue) 507523 Qatar A330-300 15th Asian Games (orange)

Sunday, 29.01.06: Herpa - coming soon:

501422 Lan Chile Cargo 767-300F (limited 1000) (picture

Saturday, 28.01.06: Herpa - new releases March/April: 503181 Air France Cargo 747-400ERF (new mould - moveable nose cargo door) 509121 Bangkok Airways A320 "Krabi" 506755 Boeing 777-200LR "Worldliner" 503174 BOAC 747-100 502238 Kingfisher A320 509381 Hapag Lloyd Express Fokker 100 507448 Lufthansa A340-600 "Star Alliance" (Essen) 509138 Mexicana A318 506748 Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 507707 Silk Way Airlines IL-76TD 505666 Southwest Airlines 737-700 "Maryland One" 507066 Styrian Spirit CRJ700 507721 US Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules 520553 Apron access and exit station

ANA Wing Collection - just some additional pictures:

All plastic models. With stand and booklet. Some parts have to be assembled (e.g. gear, wings). Some decals included to complete the imprints. All models have the same box.


LH 747-200F Cargo was released with different wings (with and without antennas)

BigBird - missing photos:

CP Air 747-200 Empress of Italy

CP Air 747-200 Empress of Australia

Herpa: Never released - just a test concerning a better/smaller gear before introducing NG 

Boeing 737-300 Georgian Airways

Friday, 27.01.06: Herpa - missing photos: Cathay Pacific's 60 Years of Service Excellence Commemorative Aircraft Model Collection To celebrate this 60th Anniversary, CX has created 12 Classic Aircraft Models (8 * 1/400, 4 * 1/500). The models are limited to 6,000 each:

Lockheed L-1011 Tristar

Boeing 747-200

Boeing 747-300

Boeing 747-400 (pictures

BigBird - missing photos:

EL AL 737-200 4X-ABN

Air Great Wall 737-300 B-2508 (pictures

Saturday, 21.01.06: Netmodels - missing picture:

Malaysia A380


Friday, 20.01.06: Herpa/Hogan - coming soon: NH50034 ANA 747-400D JA8963 NH50035 ANA 747-400D Chinese title JA8961

Zenith - now available:

Canadair CL 415 Securite Civile 39 and CL 215 Securite Civile 46 


DC-4 Pre-Production sample - just landed at Kirchhellen:-)

Thursday, 19.01.06: Netmodels - coming soon:

Royal Air Maroc 707

Malaysia A380

Air France A380


BigBird - coming soon:

Air Great Wall 737-300 B-2508

Air China 707-300 B-2420

Air China 707-300 B-2406

Air China 737-200 B-2507

Air China 747-200 B-2448

Air China Cargo 747-200F B-2462

China Southwest (Chinese Titles) 707-300 B-2418

China Southwest (Chinese & English Titles) 707-300 B-2408

CAAC 707-300 B-2404

CAAC 707-300 B-2402

CAAC 737-200 B-2501

CAAC 747-200 B-2446

EL AL 737-200 4X-ABO

EL AL 737-200 4X-ABN


Friday, 13.01.06: Herpa - coming 2006: Cathay Pacific's 60 Years of Service Excellence Commemorative Aircraft Model Collection To celebrate this 60th Anniversary, CX has created 12 Classic Aircraft Models (8 * 1/400, 4 * 1/500). The models are limited to 6,000 each: Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Boeing 747-200 Boeing 747-300 Boeing 747-400

Herpa - re-release (mentioned before, but without photo):

Dragonair A320-200 NG (picture )

Thursday, 05.01.06: 5Stars/Speedie Air (?) - coming soon (?):

Thai Sky L-1011 Tristar (picture

5Stars - coming soon:

747-400F China Southern Cargo (limited 300) (!! this will be a 1/400 release - 31.01.06 !!)

Zenith - coming soon:

Canadair CL 215 Securite Civile 46

Canadair CL 415 Securite Civile 39 (pictures (pictures show models in 1:144, but they will be released in 1:500)

Herpa - re-release: Dragonair A320-200 NG

BigBird - new release:

Pan Am 747-100 (picture

Sunday, 01.01.06: Happy New Year to all Wings collectors!

(-:Hope to see a lot of exciting new releases this year:-) Nuremberg Toy Fair will take place at the beginning of February Let's wait and see ........ Happy collecting Peter (picture

Herpa - already announced long time ago - now coming soon ? - no, definitely withdrawn!

Concorde Coca-Cola (picture