Wings Search 2005 Part 1

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (January-April 2005) 1/500 news from Herpa, BigBird, Netmodels, etc. If you need older news - take a look at the archives

Saturday, 23.04.05: Herpa - now available:

514675 Airbus A310-300 (MRT) Luftwaffe 10+26 Hans Grade (picture

Netmodels - new release:

Boeing 747-400F Deutsche Post - Danzas - DHL (fantasy) (picture

Herpa - WingsWorld 02/2005 news:

Hapag-Lloyd Set 1/1000 A310-300 and 737-800 new color, 737-400 old color

Qantas 747-200 „City of Parramatta“ (eXtra-Event) LTU DC-4 and Fokker F27 old color

Mekong Airlines 737-500 (WingsClub)

Boeing 727 - shorter front landing gear will be used for all future models

Lockheed HC-130 with additional fuel tanks (pictures

Wednesday, 20.04.05: Netmodels: CX A380 and both Emirates Cargo 747 also available as golden release

Herpa - now available:

514590 NFD ATR-72 (picture

514637 Lufthansa A321 Retro (no VIP-Set, available at LH-Worldshop)

Some pictures from recent Nuremberg Airport 50th Anniversary:

Colorful ADAC Dornier Do-328 Jet

Lufthansa A321 Retro - used for sightseeing flights around Nuremberg (the price was 19.55 €;-)

No Herpa models were sold onboard, but all passengers got a little snack in a LH Retro bag:-)

Herpa Museum - old plastic samples:

Herpa Museum - new residential area diorama:

Herpa/Hogan/Lysia - not new, but just landed at "Kirchhellen International Airport":

air Hongkong A300-600F

Tuesday, 12.04.05: BigBird - coming soon:

BA 707 - seven different versions (pictures

Pan Am 707 N418PA

Pan Am Cargo 707 N457PA

Pan American 707 N473PA (pictures


LH Retro A321 as a part of a VIP-Set containing: - special bag - Lufthansa Inflight Magazine 04/2005 - book "Die Zeit im Fluge" (LH history) - special journal "50 Years Lufthansa" - Herpa A321 LH Retro - 15 postcards (picture posted at by traller)

Wednesday, 06.04.05: Netmodels - missing photo

Already announced before, but without photo - Netmodels Emirates Cargo 747-400F Two releases with different registrations: N415MC and N408MC (picture by Norbert Rechter)

Tuesday, 05.04.05: BigBird - coming soon: Boeing 707 British Airways "British" red tail (information by

Netmodels - coming soon: Emirates Cargo 747-400F (posted at, to be confirmed)

Monday, 04.04.05: New from Herpa: 514637 Lufthansa A321-100 D-AIRX retro livery 50 Years LH - exclusively for LH will be available at LH WorldShop later

(picture posted by Faucett Peru at

New golden Netmodels:

China Airlines 707

China Airlines Cargo 707

Flying Tiger Line 707

Flying Tiger Line El Al 707

El Al 707 (pictures by UweP posted at

Wednesday, 30.03.05: Netmodels - coming soon:

Cathay Pacific A380

Air Bridge Cargo 747 (pictures

Herpa - new releases May - June 2005:


Wednesday, 23.03.05: Herpa - coming soon: NH50031 - ANA 2005 Pokemon B747-400D Reg. JA8956 (information

Sunday, 20.03.05: Herpa - coming soon:

504492 Air Do 767-200 NG (picture

Saturday, 19.03.05: Modelpower:

Model Power will begin producing 1/500 Aircraft models this year. (information

Herpa: According to the pictures now available at Pepsi Concorde and Dragonair A320-200 are NOT new (NG) as posted here before , but models from the old production run (Classic Wings). Sorry for that;-)

Friday, 18.03.05: Netmodels - new releases:

Boeing 707 Flying Tiger Line El Al

Boeing 707 El Al (pictures Johan Chan)

Herpa - now available: 514385 Tupolev Tu-154B Armenian Airlines (WingsClub)

Wednesday, 16.03.05: Herpa - re-release:

508841 Iberia A321-200 NG2

Herpa - coming soon:

Boeing 737-400 JAL oc Concorde Pepsi NG NOT new (NG), but model from the old production run (Classic Wing) Dragonair A320-200 NG2 NOT new (NG), but model from the old production run (Classic Wing) (pictures

BigBird - coming soon: New mould Boeing 707

Netmodels - new release;

Flying Tiger Line Boeing 707

Dear Collectors!  Because of hardware problems I could not update this web during last days. But my computer is OK now and news will follow soon:-)

Sunday, 06.03.05: Herpa - coming soon (eXtra Shop):

514248 Lufthansa DC-8-51 oc (limited 1200) (picture

Tuesday, 01.03.05: Herpa - coming soon (LH Worldshop):

1700347 Set with Airbus A380 and Lockheed L-1049G (limited 500) (picture / Thank you Martin:-)

Saturday, 26.02.05: Herpa - now available:

514309 Set with DC-10-30 Africa One and DC-10-30 Spantax  (special release

Herpa: Due to unsolved licence problems Concorde Coca-Cola will NOT be released! (information

Herpa/Hogan: CX-set 1/1000 has been released in two versions

Same models, same stands, but boxes with different hight (1.8 and 2.1 cm):

Maybe because it is very difficult to put all models and stands in the smaller box;-)

Thursday, 24.02.05: Speedie Air (5Stars) - now available:

Orient Thai One-Two-Go 747-300 (SJ mould, SJ stand) Already announced before (08.12.04) as a forthcoming BigBird or Netmodels release, but in fact it is a Speedie Air release:-)  (picture

Sunday, 20.02.05: Herpa - re-release: 510875 BAe 146-300 Air Berlin - smaller L3 belly logo (3 mm)

Friday, 18.02.05:  Back from Nuremberg - due to some snow and ice in southern Germany a little bit later than planned;-)

"Oh, by the way, the same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?" "Same procedure as every year, James." Yes, same procedure, same location (Toy Fair exhibition hall 7), but: A complete new Herpa stand

including a darkroom

The home of the new fantastic "Herport International" - a diorama to demonstrate the forthcoming new designed buildings and accessories (showed as samples) and the lighting system. "Herport International" impressions in daytime:



Cargo Center:

Herport Congress Centre:

Some more details:

Change of light at "Herport International":

More "Herport International" impressions in the night:

New Herpa models 1/500:

- Convair 440 - Embraer ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 - IL-86 / IL-96 (to be confirmed) - some more smaller aircrafts (still top secret)

- a lot of accessories and buildings (including features for the space around the airport e.g. houses, tennis court, swimming pool) - lighting system 

New Herpa models 1/1000: In addition to the annual Toy Fair Car model in 1/87 scale Herpa released the first Toy Fair Wings model (Boeing 747-400 1/1000 in red and silver with Herpa imprints) this year. The model was used as a give-away by Herpa at the Toy Fair.

Other 1/1000 samples showed in Nuremberg:


Magic models 1/600 - made by Herpa: 10 models / 7 different aircraft types, a favourably priced alternative,  entirely made of metal - but they really look like toys;-) For more details and pictures take a look at ;-)

Did not find any new brand presenting models in 1/500 scale;-)

Preiser news 2005:

89501 - civil airline personnel, travellers and airport personnel, 18 unpainted figures, kit

First news from WingsWorld 01/2005 (new "paint scheme"):

- Tu-154 Armenian Airlines - WingsClub release 01/2005

- ATR 72 NFD - Nürnberger Flugdienst

- A310-300 MRT Luftwaffe - 10+26 Hans Grade - special model for the flood disaster

Saturday, 12.02.05: Netmodels - new release:

China Airlines 707 Cargo - gold

New samples spotted:

StarJets DC-8 Delta (posted by Aiagaia at

Herpa A330-300 Air Luxor (posted by altino at

Leaving now for Nuremberg Toy Fair and Dietenhofen......... next news not before next Wednesday:-)

Tuesday, 08.02.05: Herpa - new releases March/April 2005: 514491 De Havilland DH 106 Comet IV Aerolineas Argentinas new mould 2005 514514 Boeing 737-700 Air Berlin Dreamliner 514330 Douglas DC-9-10 Boeing Boeing Milestone Series 506694 Boeing 777-300ER Boeing Fleet . 514521 Airbus A380-800 Emirates Airline . 514538 Airbus A330-200 Etihad Airways . 505543 Boeing 737-800 Malév - Hungarian Airlines . 514545 Airbus A340-600 Qatar Airways used also for inflight sale without model or box differences 514453 Tupolev Tu-214 Russia State Transport Company . 510684 Boeing 737-500 Southwest Airlines Shamu 514507 Boeing MD-11 Thai Airways . 514446 Douglas DC-9-10 TWA - Trans World Airlines . 504126 Boeing 747-100 United Airlines . 514439 Bombardier CRJ200 United Express nc 520362

Accessories Zubehör / Accessories Airport Basic Set 1

Herpa - re-release: 514460 Airbus House Color A330-300 - New Generation

Monday, 07.02.05: Herpa/Hogan - now available:

NH50022 ANA 777-200 Star Alliance (picture

5Stars - new releases:

FSFD112A FedEx MD-11 Panda Express - second release with Panda picture above wings (sample already shown before)   FSVG113A Virgin Atlantic A340-300 old color G-VSKY FSVG107 Virgin Atlantic A340-300 new color G-VSUN (pictures

New samples spotted:

Herpa Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-400 "We're going to Disneyland!" (picture posted at eBay by ferrari308quattro)

StarJets (?) DC-8-50 Orbis (picture posted at by lollomz)

StarJets Air China 777-200 (picture posted at eBay by inandoutshop)

Nuremberg Toy Fair 10th - 15th February: I will visit the Nuremberg Toy Fair and herpa / Dietenhofen next week. I hope that I can give you some fresh information and photos on 16th or 17th of February:-)

Saturday, 29.01.05: 5Stars - now available:

MD-11 FedEx Panda

Netmodels - new releases:

China Airlines 707  

China Airlines 707 Cargo

AWACS NATO (already announced before, but without photo) (pictures

Wednesday, 26.01.05: Herpa - now available:

Boeing DC-4 JAL Historical Series No. 6 (picture posted at by newsnerd99)

Tuesday, 18.01.05: Netmodels - new release: AWACS NATO

Netmodels - rumours(!): Set with 6 BOAC/BA 707

Friday, 14.01.05: Netmodels - new releases:

Royal Canadian Air Force - silver fuselage - 3 versions

NATO AWACS - golden fuselage (pictures posted by Uwe Philippi at

Wednesday, 12.01.05: Herpa re-releases: - 507035 British Airways Concorde - now with brighter gear - 512251 Olympic Aviation Boeing 717-200 - now with brighter gear and L3 logo

5Stars - coming soon:

Fedex MD-11F Panda Express

Taiwanese Air Force 737-800 set (pictures posted by Faucett Peru at

Saturday, 08.01.05: Herpa - some sample pictures:

Boeing 747SP 

Airbus A300-600ST Coca-Cola brown fuselage (pictures by Uwe Philippi - Thank you Uwe:-)

Wednesday, 05.01.05: Herpa - now available at (eXtra shop):

512565 Hamburg International 737-700 (picture

Saturday, 01.01.05: Herpa/Hogan - now available:

NH50028 - ANA 747-400 Pokemon 1998 NH50029 - ANA 747-400 Pokemon 1998 (without ANA logos on winglets) (picture posted at by altino)