Wings Search 2004 Part 3

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (September-December 2004) 1/500 news from Herpa, BigBird, Netmodels, etc.

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Friday, 31.12.04:

Netmodels - not new, but not shown here before:

Boeing 707-300 TAP silver

(picture posted at www.ebay,.de by clipper_spreeathen)


Wednesday, 29.12.04:

5Stars - coming soon:

British Airways L-1011 Tristar Landor livery

British Airtours L-1011 Tristar Landor livery



Monday, 27.12.04:

Netmodels - coming soon:

Boeing 707-300 Royal Canadian Air Force - three versions



5Stars - rumours:

L-1011 Orient Thai

L-1011 Kampuchea Airlines


Saturday, 25.12.04:

Netmodels - new release:

Boeing 757 NASA



Friday, 24.12.04:

BigBird - new release:

Volga-Dnepr IL-76



Thursday, 23.12.04:

Herpa - coming in 2005:

NH500024 ANA 747-400 JA404A



Dear Collectors!

I hope you enjoyed using this site during the year to get interesting news and background

knowledge concerning 1/500 aircraft models. I wish joy and happiness not only at Christmastime but every day of the New Year to all of you!

Happy collecting and a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:-)


(picture found at


Tuesday, 20.12.04:

WingsWorld 6/2004 news:

Emirates exclusive edition A330-200 A6-EKX and 777-300 A6-EMW (NG and new box)


Herpa - new release:

eXtra shop release - 513241 Airbus A300-600ST Skylink 1


Herpa - now available:

NH50018 ANA Yokoso Japan JA8958 747-400

NH50025 ANA JA405A 747-400


Herpa re-release:

510776 Volga-Dnepr Airlines AN-124 - new registration RA-82074

513654 Air New Zealand 747-400 Lord of the Rings - Frodo and Sam - now with brighter gear


Saturday, 18.12.04:

Herpa - new release:

WingsClub 06/04 - Aerospatiale /British Aircraft Corporation Concorde G-AXDN


Herpa re-release:

516105 Lufthansa 747-400 - now with brighter gear, metal tail

507417 Lufthansa A340-600 - now with brighter gear

513067 Air Berlin 737-800 - now with brighter gear


Herpa/Hogan re-release:

CX SOHK 2000 with CX belly logo (L4)


Wednesday, 15.12.04:

Herpa/Hogan re-release:

CX 777-300 and A340-600 NG - now with CX belly logo (L4)

Does anybody know, whether CX 777-300 NG was released with herpa logo (L3) before?

Does anybody know other CX NG releases with CX belly logo?

If yes, please let me know :-)


Saturday, 11.12.04:

Herpa - arrived today -just to show the proportions;-):

A380 vs. A318

A380 1/500 vs. 1/1000


Herpa - DC-8-61:

I am sure that we will see the "real" Herpa DC-8-61 soon in New Generation quality. Maybe the Trans Caribbean release was just an interim solution........


Thanks for adding some postings to my guestmap:-)


Thursday, 09.12.04:

5Stars - coming soon:

FSBA102A British Airtours L-1011 Tristar

FSBA102B British L-1011 Tristar



Wednesday, 08.12.04:

50000 visitors in less than 4 years!

But only 14 entries in my guestbook;-)

Perhaps you like to post something now:


Thank you:-)


Happy collecting



Netmodels/BigBird (?) - new release:

One-Two-Go by Orient Thai 747-300 - special edition made for Wings Model, Thailand



Monday, 06.12.04:

Visiting the Herpa Museum at Dietenhofen, you will find a new show-case showing some samples which will never be released. Here are some pictures:

Also shown at the Herpa Museum:

- Air Force One 747SP

- Delta 757 Olympic

- Vietnam Fokker 100

- Air Switzerland A340

- Transaero A321

- Ju 52 Coca-Cola - this was announced as special release by Crosswings before, but it will NOT be released


Sunday, 05.12.04:

Still missing in my collection:-) Just visitors for a short time at KIA (Kirchhellen International Airport):

Herpa CX Cargo-Set 747-200F oc, 707-300F oc, 747-400F (this is NOT a new release!!!)

(thank you Ralf Wittekopf)


Saturday, 04.12.04:

Netmodels - now available:

7 * Braniff 707

(picture posted at by Johan Chan)


Braniff 707 golden



Tuesday, 30.11.04:

New from Herpa/Hogan ??:

CX A340-300 with "Asia's World City" logo

Maybe this is not an offical Herpa/Hogan release, but (posted at

"Big Bird brought 15 pieces of Herpa wings 1:500 scale Cathay Pacific A340-300 (same registration) from CXcitement shop directly , for the sole purpose of adding the print "Asia's World City" logo" So 15 pieces are all there are... It is NOT a general release run... It was some sort of trial run on the behalf of Big Bird using Herpa CX A340-300 NG models."

(picture posted at by Johan Chan)



Already announced here before, but without picture:

AWACS golden



Wednesday, 24.11.04:

5Stars - coming soon:

Flying Tigers "Tiger Mouth" DC-8-61


Dragonair L-1011 Tristar



Tuesday, 23.11.04:

Herpa - new releases January /February 2005:

514064 DC-8-61 Trans Caribbean (new mould, already available in 12/2004) 502221 A320 Air Arabia 503150 727-200 Lufthansa oc (already available at WorldShop) 505567 737-500 Air Baltic 509343 Fokker 100 Helvetic Airways 509350 Fokker 100 Air Berlin 513630 757-300 Northwest Airlines 514347 Tu-134A CSA 514378 A300B4 Continental Airlines 514392 C-130 Ethiopian Airlines 514408 IL-62 Interflug (new mould) 514415 DC-9-14 Texas International 514422 747-400ERF KLM Cargo 516044 ATR-42 Contact Air / LH Regional 520348 Accessories Trees (18 parts)

(pictures at


Saturday, 20.11.04:

Herpa - now available:

514118 Tu-154B Tarom - WingsClub release


503150 727-200 Lufthansa D-ABCI Karlsruhe real metal - WorldShop release


Herpa/Hogan - now available:

747-400 ANA Pokemon Jet 1999 JA8964



Herpa - former "hard to find" special release - now available at some retailers:

Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-200F Classic Wing

(picture Michael Assensio)


BigBird - new release:

IL-76 Payam EP-TPV

(picture posted at by johanchan)


Netmodels - coming soon:

Braniff 707 - seven different colors



Saturday, 13.11.04:

Herpa - re-releases:

505482 Lufthansa Boeing 737-500 - NG2, with brighter gear


501163 Airbus Fleet A310-300 - NG3 (modified winglets), with brighter gear

512077 Airbus Industries A300-600ST - now with brighter gear

512497 British Airways 747-400 United Kingdom - now with brighter gear

512725 Lufthansa CityLine Avro RJ85 - now with L3 belly logo


Herpa stands:

- small size - introduced 2004 (e.g. JAL 727 oc or Braniff 707)

- big size - normally used for 1/200 releases, but in 2004 used for LH A340-600 "R+V"

- normal size - old version

- normal size - new version - introduced 2004 (e.g. Air Hongkong A300-600F, ANA 747-400D Pikachu)


5Stars - now available:

V-Bird A320



Wednesday, 10.11.04:

5Stars - new release:

JAL DC-8-30 oc JA8001 with Fuji title (picture


Netmodels - some more golden/silver releases:

Libyan 707-300 silver

AWACS E-3B golden


Saturday, 06.11.04:

Herpa - new sample shown at "Modellbahn" (Model Railways) exhibition, Cologne:

Fokker F100

(picture Stefan Jennrich - Thank you Stefan:-)


Friday, 05.11.04:

Netmodels - new golden and silver 707 releases:

LAB 707 - silver


LAB 707 - gold


TAP 707 - gold


Libyan 707 - gold


Kuwait Airways 707 - gold


Netmodels - USAF E-3B (sample already shown before):



Monday, 01.11.04:

Herpa - first picture of forthcoming Spantax and Africa One set:



New from BigBird:

IL-76T Atlant-Soynz

(picture posted at by Johan Chan)


Dear Collectors!

Due to vacation the next news will not be posted before 31th of October

Happy collecting..........



Friday, 22.10.04:

Herpa - coming soon:

NH50023 ANA 777-300ER "StarAlliance" (already announced before, but without picture)



Herpa - more WingsWorld 5/2004 news:

New China Airlines inflight set with 737-800, 747-400 and A330-300


Qatar Airways inflight - A380 and A340-600

In addition A380 will be released as a regular release in 2004, A340-600 in 2005. No information whether there will be any differences between regular and inflight releases (model or box)


514118 - Tarom Tu-154B - next WingsClub release


Hamburg International 737-800 - re-release with new registration and new box


L-1011-200 and L1011-500 NG samples


A310-300 winglets have been revised (revised version on the right image). All new models (starting with SIA A310-300) and all future follow-up editions will carry the new winglets.

Six out of ten - elect your Club Edition 2005

01 - DC 10-30 Air Afrique 02 - 727-100C Air Gemini 03 - 707-300C Alyemda 04 - 747-200 Avianca 05 - L1011-500 Pan Am

06 - IL-18 Phoenix Aviation 07 - 737-500 Mekong Airlines 08 - 737-200 Cayman Airways (500th anniversary) 09 - 747SP Luxair 10 - Tu-154B Armenian Airlines

(pictures WingsWorld 5/2004)


Thursday, 21.10.04:

Herpa - first WingsWorld 5/2004 news:


Gulf Air A330-200 produced exclusively for the airline


Gulf Traveller 767-300 produced exclusively for the airline

.................more news will follow soon

(pictures WingsWorld 5/2004)


Herpa - new releases:

Advent Calendar 2004 is available.

If you really want to know and see the contents already take a look at

the Wings900 database (model ID 7905, 7906, 7907, 7908)

Herpa - re-release:

513524 Thomas Cook 767-300 - now with brighter gear


Netmodels - some more golden/silver releases:

Olympic 707 - silver




SIA 707 silver


Continental 707 gold


SAA 707 gold


I am afraid the golden/silver LAB, TAP, Libyan and Kuwait versions will follow in November;-)


Tuesday, 19.10.04:

Herpa - coming soon:

513241 A300-600ST Beluga 1 Skylink

eXtra Edition event model (December 10 and 11, 2004)




SIA Heritage Set 4

Viscount Malayan, DC-10-30 SIA, A310-300 SIA (modified winglets), 747-300 SIA

(two further sets are to follow)


Sunday, 17.10.04:

New from Netmodels:

LAB 707-300


Kuwait Airways 707-300


TAP 707-300


Libyan Arab 707-300



PIA 707



PIA 707 gold


PIA 707 silver

(pictures posted at by Uwe Philippi)


Coming soon from Netmodels:




Monday, 11.10.04:


Schuco will not produce or distribute SchucoJets "in the foreseeable future"

(information Dickie-Schuco GmbH & Co. KG)


5Stars - coming soon:

V-Bird A320




Saturday, 09.10.04:

Herpa re-release:

513302 - Thai Airways set with 747-400 and A330-300 - now with L3 logos

512558 - Air France 747-400 - now with L3 logo, color of box changed


5Stars - coming soon:

DC-8-60 Flying Tiger Line in two versions:



Wednesday, 06.10.04:

BigBird - coming soon:

IL-76 HeavyLift RA76758



Saturday, 02.10.04:

Herpa - coming soon:

NH50027 B747-400D Pokemon 1999 JA8964 (already announced before) NH50028 B747-400 Pokemon with ANA logo on winglet JA8962 NH50029 B747-400 Pokemon without ANA logo on winglet JA8962


Wednesday, 29.09.04:

Herpa - new Braniff pictures:

(posted at by UweP)


Netmodels - some more gold and silver releases:

BWIA 707-300 silver


Olympic 707-300 gold


SIA 707-300 gold


BWIA 707-300 gold (already shown before)

(pictures by Michael Asensio - thank you Michael:-)


Tuesday, 28.09.04:

Herpa releases November/December 2004:

501187 A310-300 Luftwaffe "Bundesrepublik Deutschland"

514125 A318 Airbus House Colors

514163 A330-200 Austrian Airlines nc

514361 A380 Qatar Airways

514293 AN-124 Polet Air Cargo

514095 707-300 Romavia

513951 717-200 Bangkok Air "Luang Prabang"

505550 737-800 Travel Service

514255 747-400 Air China

506687 777-200 United Airlines nc

514286 CRJ-700 Horizon Air

514165 Fokker 100 Germania Express

514279 L-1049 Breitling

514224 L-1649 TWA

514354 Tu-134 Aeroflot nc

520300 Classic Cars



Sunday, 26.09.04:


First picture of forthcoming Concorde Coca-Cola:



Coming soon from Netmodels:

PIA Pakistan International B 707-300C


Thursday, 23.09.04:

Coming soon from Herpa/LH Worldshop:

Lufthansa 727-200 Karlsruhe D-ABCI real metal (1666086-243) (limited 2000)


Wednesday, 22.09.04:

New from Netmodels:

Varig 767-300 PP-VOI Soccer

(picture posted at


Some 707 have been releases (about 10-20 pieces each) with golden and/or silver fuselage:

Northwest oc 707-300 silver

(picture posted at by UweP)


BWIA 707-300 gold


SAA oc 707 silver



Coming soon from Netmodels:

- Olympic 707

- SIA Cargo 707-300F 9V-BFN

(pictures Pureplane)


News from Herpa/Hogan/Lysia:

Air Hongkong A300-600F will be released with six different registrations:


Only B-LDA was used as part of the V.I.P. gift set (see below)

(pictures )


News from Herpa/Hogan:

Herpa Community Day 18.09.04:

Nice day at Dietenhofen, but no news or rare models - besides:

A340-300 SriLankan Airlines............ but in 1/1000:-)


Coming soon:

Addition to the already announced special ANA releases:

NH50023 ANA 777-300ER "StarAlliance"


First picture of the forthcoming JAL 767-200 oc:



New stand used for Air Hongkong A300-600F and NH50030 ANA Pikachu 747-400

(picture above)


New small stand (left one) used for JAL oc 727-100


Saturday, 11.09.04:

New from Herpa/Hogan, distributed by Lysia:

Air Hong Kong A300-600F

(ceremonial gift item for the first flight of this plane which landed couple of days ago at CLK)

(pictures and - additional information


Tuesday, 07.09.04:

New from Herpa:

507417 Lufthansa A340-600 with printed stand - "R+V Versicherungen"

(German insurance company)



Comnig soon from Herpa:

JAA 747-200B Yokoso JA8130



5Stars ANA, JAL and Virgin now available - new pictures below


Friday, 03.09.04:

Herpa - now available:

508056 ATR-42 Pan Am (WingsClub)


Herpa has modified the following moulds:

- Boeing 737-500 - position of front gear changed (details)

- Douglas DC-8 - modified nose section with "teeth" (details)

- Ilyushin IL-18 - rudder is no longer an integrated part of the fuselage (details)

- Ilyushin IL-76 - rudder is no longer an integrated part of the fuselage (details)


Wednesday, 01.09.04:

Coming soon from 5Stars (using StarJets moulds):

FSANA110 - ANA A321-100 Film Strip JA101A


FSVG106 - Virgin Atlantic A340-300 G-VBUS


FSJAL108 - JAL DC-8-50 oc JA8001

(pictures and