Wings Search 2004 Part 2

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (May-August 2004) 1/500 news from Herpa, BigBird, Netmodels, etc.

If you need older news - take a look at the archives


Tuesday, 31.08.04:

Herpa - New release of FedEx A310-200F N456FE by Lysia



Herpa - re-release 504669 Olympic Airways A340-300:

First release


Re-release: modified imprint "Olympic" on fuselage, L3 belly logo


Monday, 30.08.04:

Herpa Coca-Cola Concorde - first impression:



Thursday, 26.08.04:

Herpa - coming soon:

In addition to the already announced two 707-300 Braniff there will be a Concorde Braniff



Wednesday, 25.08.04:

Herpa - re-release:

513371 China Airline Set (available e.g. at

747-400, 737-800, A340-300: now with L3 belly logos


Herpa - coming soon:

Concorde Coca-Cola (December 2004)

Transavia 737-800

514309 Yesterday-Set Spantax EC-DEG and Africa One 5X-ONE DC-10-30 NG



Monday, 23.08.04:

WingsWorld 4/2004 arrived:


Next WingsClub release - 508056 ATR-42-300 Pan Am Express


Braniff 707-300 - made exclusively for Japan



Sunday, 22.08.04:

Netmodels - coming soon:

JAL 747-400 "50 years of transpacific flight between Japan and Hawaii" - JA8906


JAL 747-400 Hanshin Tigers (baseball) - JA8906


JAL 747-400 JFA Soccer

(pictures by Pureplane)


New from Netmodels(?):

Phuket Air set 747-200 and 747-300 with card. Made exclusively for Wings Model, Thailand.



Thursday, 19.08.04:

Herpa - new details:

513975 Air Spain DC-8:

- modified nose section ("teeth") - this mould will be used for all upcoming DC-8 models


507479 Iberia A340-600:

- new engine type - RR Trent 556 (engine type E58)


506663 American Airlines 777-200:

- new wonderful metallic effect (polished raw mould sealed with a special clear varnish)


StarJets - re-release:

Boeing 747-400 Royal Air Maroc

Second release (left one) of the former SJ club model with many minor changes:

- without stand, without SJ club card

- red door handles

- printed winglets

- different engines

- "GA" printed on forward landing gear doors

- registration printed with a different font - new mould section around the vertical stabilizer

- etc.


Tuesday, 17.08.04:

Netmodels - coming soon:

Continental 707-300


SAA 707-300



Sunday, 15.08.04:

Herpa/Hogan - coming soon:

NH50018 - ANA 747-400 Yokoso Japan JA8958 (already announced before)


NH50022 - ANA 777-200 Star Alliance JA711A


NH50025 - ANA 747-400 oc JA405A (already announced before)



Saturday, 14.08.04:

StarJets - now available:

"Set" containing NW A319-100 oc and NW A320-200 nc

A319-100 oc N301NB is the old release NWA129 (same model, same box, StarJets logo on fuselage)

A320-200 nc N316US is really new (new SJ-box, but Schuco/StarJet-logo on fuselage;-)


JAL 777-200 nc


Northwest 747-400 oc N661US (different to the previous club model N663US)

(picture posted at by Faucett Peru)


Herpa - now available:

513937 Set "M Flughafen München" - models already released before in separate boxes without differences:


The set will be available also during next eXtra-shop event (10./11.09.04)


JAL MD-11 oc


British Airways 747-400 Japan Tail G-CIVM - Herpa Cafe box



Friday, 06.08.04:

Vacation time! No real news during last days, but today:

Netmodels - new releases:

Boeing 747-400D JAL JA8907 "First International Flight - February






NH50030 ANA Pikachu 2004 747-400D has been released

(pictures found at



According to ACB Trans Caribbean DC8 not be produced by Starjet, but - as already posted here - by Herpa.


Friday, 30.07.04:

New from Herpa:

Malayan Airlines Douglas DC-3 VR-SCO in white sample box

(model already known from SIA Heritage Series 1)



Wednesday, 28.07.04:

Herpa releases September/October 2004:



Tuesday, 27.07.04:

New StarJets release?

No, though listed as "StarJets ERJ-145 American Eagle" at ACB site, this is - according to personal information from Berlin - the already known Skyliners ERJ-145 release - same model, same box.



Sunday, 25.07.04:

If you know any details about this Virgin Atlantic 747-400 G-VFAB, please let me know by email !


Saturday, 24.07.04:

Bright prospects:

New from Netmodels (not for sale):

Cathay Cargo 707 golden (already shown before)

Cathay 707 silver

Northwest oc 707 golden



Tuesday, 20.07.04:

Now available at Munich Airport Shop :

Herpa Lufthansa L-1049 D-ALAP

Herpa Lufthansa Ju-52 D-ANOY

Herpa Swissair DC3 HB-IRN


Monday, 19.07.04:

Herpa re-releases:

510851 Lockheed C-130 Blue Angels



502696 Boeing 747-200 Iberia:

metal tail, gear in new light grey colors, registration EC-DIA, name "Tirso de Molina"



Saturday, 17.07.04:

Coming soon from Herpa/Hogan:

NH50018 ANA 747-400 ANA Yokoso JA8958

NH50025 ANA 747-400 JA405A

ANA 747-400D Pokemon Jet 1999

(pictures and


Now available from StarJets:

JAL 777-200



Thursday, 15.07.04:

Comnig soon from Netmodels:




Silkair A320 inflight is only a 1/400 release!!


Coming soon from Herpa:

513937 Set with Lufthansa Ju 52 D-ANOY, Lufthansa L-1049 D-ALAP and Swissair DC-3 HB-IRN

(Same models will be available separately at Munich Airport Shop



Tuesday, 12.07.04:

New from Lysia/Herpa:

Dragonair A330-300 - version 2004



Saturday, 10.07.04:

Herpa re-release:

509077 Germanwings A319 NG2



Coming soon from Herpa:

MSA Malaysian Singapore Airlines 707-300 in Herpa Cafe Box



Wednesday, 07.07.04:

New from Netmodels:

FAT 757-200 special color



Tuesday, 06.07.04:

Announced by StarJets:

Northwest A319 oc and A 320 nc set

JAL 777-200

DC 8-61 Trans Caribbean (cancelled!)

Released by Herpa:

504461 Martinair 767-300 normal livery

513883 Deutsche Lufthansa IL-18 (WingsClub)


JAL 727-100 oc





Wednesday, 23.06.04:

One week in Bulgaria:-) Next news in July (02.07.04)!!!!

Happy collecting..................................


Tuesday, 22.06.04: (accessories photos added below)

News from Herpa - Community Day and Summer Party at Dietenhofen

(Saturday, June 19, 2004, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

This was really a great day at Herpa - besides the weather:-)



- Museum: new accessories, new moulds, new liveries, details see below


- eXtra shop: Spanair set, Museum Edition (TAP Euro 2004)

and some rare models (BA old color, Condor, Gemini Cargo etc.) were available,

details see below


- rare models market (cars & trucks only)


- guided tours around the printing and mould building departments

(cars & trucks, but also Premium Wings)


- Herpa truck show:


Herpa Monument-Truck (my favorite:-)


Newest Herpa Show-Truck "Der Goldrausch" - "Gold rush"


Some truck details:






New moulds:


Airbus A380


Boeing MD-11 New Generation


De Havilland Comet 4


Ilyushin IL-62


McDonnell Douglas DC-8 Super


McDonnell Douglas DC-10 New Generation



New liveries:


United Airlines 777-200 new color N775UA


Trans Caribbean DC-8-61CF


Air New Zealand A320 "Lord of the Rings"


Olympic Airways Dash-8 "2004 Olympic Games"


Germanwings A320-200 D-AIPH "Spirit of Cologne Bonn"




Museum Edition TAP A340 Classic Wing with additional imprint "Euro 2004"


Spanair inflight set A320 and A321



New accessories:



Airport diorama with new accessories (samples!)




"Airport Vision" diorama with new accessories (samples!)


"Possibilities for the smallest spaces" diorama by Bernd Sparenberg




Some details (samples!)




New cars (samples!)



Thanks to all the friendly Herpa crew members for organizing this beautiful day:-))



Friday, 18.06.04:

Now available from Netmodels:

JAA A380



Wednesday, 16.06.04:

New from BigBird:

Casino Express 737-200



Herpa news (WingsWorld 3/04):

Herpa is currently working on the die-casting molds of the TriStar. The first New Generation model of an L-1011 will be released by the end of the year.

Next Wings Club Model will be 513883 Lufthansa IL-18 DM-STA (GDR)

Munich Airport Shop will release three historic models: Lufthansa L-1049 D-ALAP

Lufthansa Ju-52 D-ANOY

Swissair DC3 HB-IRN

Silkair A320 9V-SLA will be available for inflight sale in July (!! 1/400 only !!)

Sunday, 13.06.04:

Herpa - new Museum Model:

Herpa summer party in Dietenhofen - 19.06.04 from 9 a.m. through 6 p.m.

Museum, the eXtra shop, and rare models market will be open again. The public relations crew will be present as well, and a special highlight will be guided tours around the printing and mold building departments. For the truck fans, there will be the Herpa truck show, and all visitors will receive a little souvenir (as long as stocks last). Of course, the Wings collectors will be served as well. Herpa will unveil the new museum model, and exhibit a few still unannounced airplane models, among them also the upcoming "Lord of the Rings" airplanes.

(information from Herpa eXtra newsletter)


Tuesday, 08.06.04:

Netmodels - not for sale:

CX 707 - special release



Sunday, 06.06.04:

Coming soon from Netmodels:

Boeing 707-300 CX oc

Boeing 707-300F CX oc Cargo


Boeing 707-300 Turkish Airlines


Boeing 707-300 Saudia


(pictures posted at eBay by virginfans)


Herpa Nostalgic Airport Sets:

Being a Herpa Cars & Trucks collector as well, I appreciate very much the improvement of 1/500 vehicles.

These detailed beauties are included in Nostalgic Airport Set II (513753).


Herpa re-releases:

Boeing 707-300 Lufthansa old color (512831):

Model unchanged besides belly logo (now L3 instead of L2), new B15 box (right)


Antonov AN-124-100 Aeroflot Russian Airlines (510707):

now with correct light grey main gear doors

(information by Stefan Jennrich


Tupolev Tu-154 Aeroflot with additional imprint "Official Olympic Carrier" (510547):



Wednesday, 02.06.04:

New StarJets? No, just two samples;-)

Condor 747-400 (ex-Lufthansa "Hamburg" D-ABTD)


Trans Caribbean DC-8-61CF - What a beauty:-)))))))))))))

(pictures Uwe Philippi)


New from Netmodels:

JAL 767-300 nc



Announced by Herpa/Hogan:

NH50030 - ANA 747-400D Pokemon 2004 - JA8957 (with stand)



Friday, 28.05.04:

Herpa - now available (Lufthansa WorldShop)

510127 Lockheed L 1049 G Lufthansa D-ALID


Saturday, 22.05.04:

New from Netmodels:

JAL 767 Expo 2005

JAL 767 Yokoso


Now available from Herpa:

513708 Royal Air Maroc 747SP (WingsClub)


Herpa re-release:

Ilyushin IL-76 Uzbekistan, improved version with printed wheel hubs

(posted at by Stefan Jennrich)


Another new StarJets release (?):

Gulf Air A340-300 new color - not confirmed until now


Friday, 21.05.04:

Herpa releases July/August - first rumours:

502191 Aeroflot Airbus A320 (New Livery) 514026 Air Via Tupolev Tu-154M 513075 Air Spain Douglas DC-8-21 506656 Air France Boeing 777-300ER 509336 Austrian Arrows Fokker 70 513869 Boeing Milestone Series 377 Stratocruiser 513876 CR Airways Bombardier CRJ-200 513944 CSA Czech Airlines Boeing 737-500 “80th Anniversary” 505536 Germania Boeing 737-700 Set 507479 Iberia Airbus A340-600 513852 Iraqi Airways Ilyushin IL-76T 506670 KLM Boeing 777-200 (New Livery) 513968 Malev Ilyushin IL-18 502207 Ted Airbus A320 506663 American Airlines Boeing 777-200 520324 Road Set I 520331 Road Set II


Tuesday, 18.05.04:

Now available from BigBird:

CP Air set 737-200



Saturday, 15.05.04:

Coming soon from Herpa (released by Expressowings / Herpa Cafe):

Set with BA/Singapore Concorde and BA 777 Hong Kong



Announced by StarJets (together with some previous released Schuco models):

SJAAL184 American Airlines 727-200 "Retro"


SJAAL184a American Airlines 727-200 "Retro" chrome



Friday, 14.05.04:

Now available at SIA/Krisshop:

Herpa SIA Heritage Set 3



Tuesday, 11.05.04:

Future release by Herpa (?):

According to Crosswing, Japan the Coca-Cola Ju 52 will be released not only in scale 1/160 but also in scale 1/500 (to be confirmed by Herpa)



Saturday, 08.05.04:

New from BigBird:

Condor/Lufthansa-Set Boeing 737-200



The Alitalia Boeing 747 was released in three versions:






Friday, 07.05.04:

Second "Herpa / Manchester United / Beckham"-Edition;-)



Saturday, 01.05.04:

Herpa samples shown by Herpa at "Intermodellbau - Exhibition for model-making and model sports 2004" in Dortmund, Germany:




Junkers Ju 52 Iron Annie



Ilyushin IL-18 Deutsche Lufthansa (GDR) DM-STA



508858 Airbus A321 Spanair EC-HRG NG2




Now available from Herpa:

507028 Air France Concorde NG