Wings Search 2004 Part 1

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (January-April 2004) 1/500 news from Herpa, BigBird, Netmodels, etc.


Wednesday, 28.04.04:

Coming soon from BigBird:


Condor 737-200 (two versions)

CP Air 737-200 (two versions)

Casino 737-200



New from Herpa (Expresso Wings):


British Airways 747-400 Nalanji tail in Herpa Sweetie Cafe Box



Tuesday, 27.04.04:

News from Herpa (WingsWorld 2/2004):

- AOM MD-83 "Blue Space" special livery F-GGMB (ILA 2004)


- Royal Air Maroc 747SP (next WingsClub release)


- Germanwings A320 "Spirit of Cologne Bonn" special livery D-AIPH


- Spanair Set with A320 and A321 (inflight)


- SIA Heritage Set 3 (A340-500, A310-200, Fokker F27, Boeing 727-200)

Take a look at the new WingsWorld issue 2/2004 for more details:-)




Friday, 23.04.04:

Comnig soon from Herpa:

Next WingsClub model will be Boeing 747SP Royal Air Maroc CN-RMS


SIA 50th Anniversary Boeing 777-200 Herpa Cafe Box

(was also included in SIA Heritage Set 1)



Tuesday, 20.04.04:

Coming soon from Herpa:

504461 Martinair 767-300 (limited - 1000)



Something missing;-)

New re-release 506120 A318 Air France from Herpa??

No, I guess just a misprint;-))


Now available from Herpa/Hogan:

- JD51006 JAS MD-90 Rainbow No. 1 JA8064

- JD51011 JAS MD-90 Rainbow No. 6 JA8069


Thursday, 15.04.04:


The British Airways 747-400 Nalanji Tail will be released in two versions:

513821 British Airways 747-400 Nalanji tail (limited - 1000)

513814 British Airways 747-400 Nalanji tail, stand, special box (limited - 500)


Saturday, 10.04.04:

ZZ-Modelle - pictures of new releases:

- Nissen (Japan)


- WDL worldwide



New from StarJets:

Asiana 777-200



New from Herpa - available at Lufthansa WorldShop:

Lufthansa Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation D-ALAP

(picture Lufthansa WorldShop)


Friday, 09.04.04:

Released from Herpa/Hogan:

YS51109 YS-11A JAC - Japan Air Commuter JA8776


YS51110 YS-11A TDA - Toa Domestic Airlines - JA8776



New from Herpa:

Mystery of Herpa Volume 3



Thursday, 08.04.04:

Coming soon from Herpa (eXtra release):

513821 British Airways 747-400 Nalanji tail



Tuesday, 06.04.04:

Coming soon from ZZ-Modelle:

Two new Blimps (limited 200 each)

- Nissen (Japan)

- WDL worldwide



New sample from Herpa:

Vickers Viscount Philippine Airlines



Coming soon (this week?) from Herpa/Hogan:

JAS Rainbow No. 2 (JA8065) and No. 4 (JA8062)


Sunday, 04.04.04:

New from Herpa:

British Airways 747-400 Wunala tail G-BNLS New Generation

Herpa Cafe box - limited 500



New from Herpa/Hogan:

Dash-8 ANK A-net,Hamanasu (rugosa rose) JA805K



MD-90 JAS Rainbow No. 3 JA8063 (JD51008)


MD-90 JAS Rainbow No. 5 JA8066 (JD51010)



New re-release from Herpa:

Airbus House Color A 319 NG2



Coming soon from Herpa:

Coca-Cola/Euro 2004 Beluga

(in addition to the Coca-Cola/Euro 2004 747-400 - see news below from 12.02.04)



New sample from Herpa:

FAT 757-200 Toyota Camry



Missing pictures from last BigBird releases:

Evergreen International 747-100 N471EV


Evergreen International 747-100 N477EV


Evergreen International 747-100 N480EV


Evergreen International 747-100 N482EV


Evergreen International 747-100 N486EV

(pictures and


Aeroflot IL-76



Missing pictures from the last Netmodels releases:

Kuwait Airways 747-400 9K-ADE


Kuwait Airways 747-200 9K-ADA


Kuwait Airways 747-200 9K-ADO



New sample from Netmodels:

Boeing 707 AWACS



Wednesday, 31.03.04:

Dear Friends!

Sorry for not supporting you with the latest Wings news during last weeks!

I had a very hard and unpleasant time during last months, but life goes on;-)


I will put all the missing news from last weeks here during next days!

Happy Collecting



Today Herpa 513678 Boeing 707-300 Sabena WingsClub arrived at Kirchhellen:


Friday, 27.02.04:



Kuwait Airways in three versions released:


2 * 747-200 (9K-ADA and 9K-ADO)


Alitalia Cargo 747-200:



New mould (sample?):

Boeing 707






BigBird will release Evergreen 747 next month in five versions;-)


Schuco announced the end of the Schuco / StarJets cooperation, but Schuco is working on a new product line:


Thursday, 19.02.04:

Now available from Herpa:

Lord of the Rings - 747-400 and 767-300


Now available from StarJets:

Virgin 747-400 nc


Tuesday, 17.02.04:

Coming soon from Netmodels:

Kuwait Airways 747-400



Sunday, 15.02.04:

Coming soon from Netmodels:

A380 ANA

A380 JAA


Herpa news:

special model will be produced for ILA 2004

Air Spain DC-8 is planned as a regular release

Boeing 777-300ER will get new wings

illumination system for airport diorama is planned to be released 2004

There have been several "Buddel-Wings" some years ago.

Now I found a new one - Lufthansa A321 NG.

Concorde NG will be released as Air France and British Airways

DC-10 and MD-11 NG will be released definitely:-)

First WingsClub model 2004 will be Sabena oc 707-300C OO-SJM

A330-200 F-OMEC was produced for MEA inflight sale, but will be released also without changes as regular release later in 2004.



Schuco showed no Schuco Jets at the Toy Fair. The Schuco Jets production line will not be continued.

Nevertheless I got a new Delta Airlines Set with three different 727-200 (thank you Ralf:-)

Though there is no belly-logo on the fuselage and no manufacturer name or address on the box - these are definitely StarJets moulds! Maybe StarJets will survive;-))))



Thursday, 12.02.04:

Back from Nuremberg:-)))

First impressions..............


Saturday, 07.02.04:

More news from the Toy Fair:

New Herpa samples:

- Boeing 777-300ER

- DC-8 Air Spain


Schuco will definitely not continue the Schuco Jets product line.


I will stay at Nuremberg on Monday/Tuesday. Hope to get some more information and pictures:-)


Friday, 06.02.04:

Now available from Herpa/Hogan:

JD51012 JAS MD-90 "RAINBOW" NO.7


JD51005 JAS A300


JD51004 TDA A300


JAL DC-10-40 oc




Thursday, 05.02.04:

First news from the International Toy Fair Nuremberg (05.-10.02.04):

Herpa projects 2004:

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser


De Havilland Comet 4


Ilyushin IL-62




There are new rumours about the end of Schuco/StarJets cooperation. Schuco will not continue the Schuco Jets product line. StarJets II (MD-82/83) are manufactured by Phoenix!


I will stay at Nuremberg next Monday/Tuesday. Hope to get some more information and pictures:-)


Wednesday, 04.02.04:

Herpa Dash 8-100 Amakusa:

This model was produced in three versions:

- exclusive airline box with stand (left picture)

- exclusive airline box without stand (left picture, same box)

- B12 box without stand (right picture, this is available at Herpa eXtra shop)


Friday, 30.01.04:

Herpa releases March/April 04:

513623 Aeromexico DC-9-15 508575 Air Greenland A330-200 (limited) 507462 Air Canada A340-500 502184 Air Tran A320 (limited) 510530 America West 757-200 "Teamwork coast to coast" 513616 KLM DC-8-30 502177 LTU A320 "Bayer 04 Leverkusen" 504454 Martinair 767-300ER "Fox Kids" 510844 Saudi Arabian Airlines L-100-30 510868 SN Brussels RJ-100 513661 United Nations IL-76 (with two UN trucks/limited) 505529 Alaska Airlines 737-400 "" (Exclusive Series/limited) 513746 Nostalgic Airport Set I (airport accessories of the 1930s and 1940s) 513753 Nostalgic Airport Set II ( airport accessories of the 1950s and 1960s) 520294 32 people of various descriptions

(posted at


Thursday, 29.01.04:

Announced by Herpa:

Coca-Cola / European Soccer Championship 2004 Portugal Airbus A300-600ST

Coca-Cola / European Soccer Championship 2004 Portugal Boeing 747-400




Coming soon from Herpa/Hogan:

JAL oc McDonnell Douglas DC-10-40



Sunday, 25.01.04:

Herpa re-release now available:

516501 Airbus A320-200 Lufthansa "Dessau" NG2



Friday, 23.01.04:

Next Herpa eXtra-weekend special edition will be a DC-10-30 Alitalia/Continental



Thursday, 22.01.04:

Now available from Herpa/Hogan:

Boeing 777-200 JAS "rainbow"



Announced by Herpa/Hogan:

Three additional versions of MD-90 JAS "rainbow" in addition to the previous announced 4 versions:

JD51006 JAS MD-90 registration JA8064


JD51007 JAS MD-90 registration JA8065


JD51011 JAS MD-90 registration JA8069



New from Netmodels:

Boeing 747-400 and 747-200 NCA



Herpa re-release now available:

507035 Concorde British Airways NG

500609 Boeing 747-400 Qantas "City of Melbourne" NG



Wednesday, 14.01.03:

Taking a close look at the new Herpa Lufthansa/Swissair oc A310-200 (501170) you can find a new engine PW 4152 (E48):


Similar to E2 and E23, but E48 is a little bit shorter.


Thursday, 08.01.04:

Hope you all had a great start into the New Year?!

Here are the first news 2004 - a little late;-)


Rerelease from Herpa:

501149 Hapag-Lloyd (TUI) 737-800 with additional printing "" on the fuselage


New from Herpa/Hogan:

DH58003 A-net Dash 8-300 Suzuran - with new box!


DH58004 A-net Dash 8-300 Cosmos - with new box!



Now available from Netmodels:


Braniff International A 380 yellow


Braniff International A 380 orange


Braniff International A 380 red


Braniff International A 380 pearl (limited 50 pieces)



Braniff International A 380 light blue


Braniff International A 380 dark blue


Braniff International A 380 black


JAL nc 747-200F white


JAL nc 747-200F silver


JAA nc 747-200


The previous announced A 380 JAL is NOT a BigBird but also a Netmodels release!





News from BigBird:


British Airways 747-400F Chelsea Rose will not be available in 1/500 but ONLY in 1/400 scale!


Aeroflot set with three IL-76

- CCCP76478 in "Red" color scheme - CCCP76470 in "Blue" color scheme (USSR flag) - RA76795 in "Blue" color scheme (Russian flag)