Wings Search 2003 Part 3

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (September-December 2003) from Herpa, Starjets, etc.


Friday, 26.12.03:

Now available from Netmodels:

ANA 747-200 oc and nc



Wednesday, 24.12.03:

(picture made by Ian Bowley - used by permission - posted also at ,

Dear Collectors!

I hope you enjoyed using this site during the year to get interesting news and background

knowledge concerning 1/500 aircraft models. Looking forward to any kind of feedback;-)))

I wish joy and happiness not only at Christmastime but every day of the New Year to all of you!

Happy collecting:-)



Coming soon from BigBird:

Aeroflot IL-76 - set of three models with different schemes

British Airways 747-400F Chelsea Rose tail will only be released in 1/400 scale


Herpa JAL "Historical Series":

First model has been released:


JL50001 747-100 old color


These models will follow 2004:

JL50002 DC 10-40 very old color JL50003 727-100 classic color JL50004 MD-11 J Bird old color JL50005 767-200 very old color JL50006 DC-4 classic color JL50007 737-400 Flower Jet old color JL50008 DC 8-61 classic color (new mould!)

New from Herpa:

British Airways 777-200 HKG tail NG (stand with clock and compass)


The Mystery of Herpa Volume 2 - British Airways 747-400 Wunala tail and HKG Bus


Saturday, 20.12.03:

Herpa/Hogan will release four different versions of JAS MD-90 Rainbow colors in 2004:


JD51012 - JA8070 (already announced by Crosswing in November 2003)


JD51008 - JA8063


JD51009 - JA8062


JD51010 - JA8066




Now available from Herpa:



Herpa WingsClub 501972 Thai A 300-600 Star Alliance livery



Just a regular release - and not a "real" New Generation mould, but I like it nevertheless:



Herpa Martinair MD-11F Prinses Maxima


Friday, 19.12.03:

New Netmodels:

ANA 747-200 oc

ANA 747-200 nc


Monday, 15.12.03:

Announced from Herpa:

Concorde NG will be released with Air France (picture below 03.12.03) and British Airways livery next spring.


New BigBird Netmodels A 380 JAL:



Sunday, 14.12.03:

Now available from StarJets II (!). New transparent box design!




SAS MD-83 red and blue


JetsGo MD-83


Alaska Airlines MD-83



Announced by BigBird:

Airbus A 380 JAL


Just arrived at KIA "Kirchhellen International Airport";-)

Herpa DC-10-30 JAT

This is not really a NG model, it is still the Classic Wings fuselage just combined with new scaled gear!

But as Herpa promised, a complete new styled NG DC-10 (and MD-11) will follow:-)



Herpa A 310-200 Swissair/LH (LH Skyshop)


And some more impressions from KIA "Kirchhellen International Airport" - still under construction:




Thursday, 11.12.03:

Announced by Herpa:

Set TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 707-300F and Lockheed C-130



Wednesday, 10.12.03:

New from Netmodels:


Boeing 757 all white


Boeing 767 all white


Boeing 747-200 all white


Boeing 747-400 all white


(pictures posted from modelsmart at


News from Herpa:

- next (and last) club model 2003 released: JAT DC-10-30


- JAL "Historical Series" will be released, starting with 747-100 oc.

Next one will be a DC-10 with the same livery (see also my news from 08.11.03)



- BA 747-400 Japan has also been released in NG



- Lufthansa Star Alliance 747-400 "Duisburg" has been released in a third box version (window box) for inflight sale




Thursday, 04.12.03:

Herpa re-release:

513166 Fokker 70 KLM - new registration (PH-KZC), no cockpitframes, L3 belly logo


Wednesday, 03.12.03:

New BigBird releases - missing pictures:

Boeing 747-400 British Airways (Japan tail) - two registrations ( G-CIVM and G-CIVR)

Boeing Philippine Airlines oc 747-200 - two registrations (N741PR and N742PR)

(pictures posted at by seanfitzpatrick)

Joining the last Herpa Community Day at Dietenhofen was not really exiting for Wings collectors.

(concerning special or rare models for sale). But Peter Schmäring (you know him as a WingsWorld author) showed some tricks for making realistic dioramas using Herpa Starter Kits!


And I found these models/samples in the enlarged Herpa Museum:

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Saudia

Concorde NG Air France

Airbus A 340-500 Airbus Fleet


Some of the coming releases could be found already on the large diorama inside the museum:


More news:

- Herpa will release an 1/200 A 380 Kuehne & Nagel (special release).

- I guess we will see an A 380 in 1/500 next year:-)

- DC-10 and MD-11 will be released as New Generation

- Next WingsWorld will be issued these days. This shipment will include the last club model 2003.

- The first WingsWorld issue 2004 will contain a portrait of the Douglas DC-8;-) Maybe the rumours will become true!


Tuesday, 25.11.03:

New StarJets announced:

SAS MD-83 blue and red (set)




Alaska MD-83


JetsGo MD-83



Next releases from BigBird:

Philippine Airlines oc 747-200 - two registrations N741PR and N742PR

British Airways Japanese Tail 747-400 - two registrations G-CIVM and G-CIVR


Monday, 24.11.03:

Herpa releases Jan./Feb. 2004

Great news from Herpa:-)

There have been rumours for several months about the release of the

"Lord of the Wings" models. And here they are!!!!!



513654 747-400 Air New Zealand "Lord of the Rings - Frodo"

504447 767-300 ANZ "Lord of the Rings - Aragorn"




504430 767-300 Air Canada "Free Spirit"


506120 A 318 Air France

508582 A 330-300 SN Brussels 510820 727-100 Boeing Milestone Series 505512 737-700 Hapag Lloyd Express 510288 757-300 Icelandair 510936 747-400 Northwest nc

502795 767-300 Lufthansa "Star Alliance"

509671 BAe 146 National Jet Systems 510967 CRJ 200 Malev Express 513586 CRJ 700 American Eagle 510776 AN-124 Volga-Dnepr (pictures


Friday, 21.11.03:

Netmodels - new release:

Northwest Cargo 747-200 N630US

(picture found at - posted by andy)


Wednesday, 19.11.03:

New StarJets announced:

American Airlines 747-100 polished (same as former Schuco release)

American Airlines 747-100 chromed (same as former Schuco release)

KLM 747-400 nc (same as former Schuco release)

KLM 777-200 nc (same as former Schuco release)

Northwest 747-400 nc (same as former Schuco release)

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 nc

Delta Airlines 727-200 (set with three models)


Tuesday, 18.11.03:

New from Netmodels:

Northwest Cargo 747-200 N630US


Herpa news:

Emirates A 340-500 has been re-scheduled to Febuary or March 2004.

The revised NG2 moulds for the smaller Airbuses are already in production:-)))


Schuco news:

The last online newsletter "Autumn/Winter New Releases 2003" from Schuco did not contain ANY new aircraft model! Maybe .........


Monday, 17.11.03:

Coming soon from BigBird:

Cathay Asia's World City 747-400

(picture found at DAC, posted by N. Eberhard)


Rumours concerning next BigBirds:

JAL Cargo nc 747-200F with WOW sticker at fuselage

JAL Cargo nc metal/chrome 747-200F with WOW sticker at fuselage

I guess the source for this rumour can be found at They mixed some 1/400 and 1/500 BigBirds on their website. You can find the 1/400 JAL Cargo and some 1/400 767 models offered at the 1/500 section. But I talked to them today by phone and they told me it is a mistake and they will update the site soon. Therefore I guess there is NO JAL Cargo 747-200F in 1/500 made by BigBird......

Now available at LH SkyShop:

Herpa Airbus A 340-600 Lufthansa Star Alliance livery


Tuesday, 11.11.03:

Another new Herpa/Hogan model announced for 2004:

JD 51012 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 JAS

(picture (found by Peter Jos De Jong. Thank you Peter:-)


Now released from BigBird:

UPS Olympic 747-200


China Airlines 747-400 Touch your heart


JAL 747-400D Dream Skyward Baseball



Saturday, 08.11.03:

News from Japan:

available from Herpa/Hogan:


YS51109 JAC - Japan Air Commuter YS-11A-227 red & green JA8776 (showcase) YS51110 JAC - Japan Air Commuter YS-11A-227 JA8776 (showcase)


511471 AMAKUSA DHC-8-103 (two versions, with and without stand)

announced for late 2003 or early 2004 from Herpa/Hogan:


JL50001 JAL 747-100 o/c JA8101 (November 2003)


JD51004 TDA-Toa Domestic Airline A300B2 (February 2004)


JD51005 JAS A300B4 (February 2004)

DH58003 ANK A-net DHC-8-300 Suzuran (December 2003) (picture shows 1/200 model!)


DH58004 ANK A-net DHC-8-300 Cosmos (December 2003) (picture shows 1/200 model!)


DH58005 ANK A-net DHC-8-300 Hamanasu (February 2004)


Still not confirmed:


JAL B727 o/c JAL DC10 o/c JAL MD11 JAL DC8 o/c



Wednesday, 05.11.03:

Herpa rerelease:

Boeing 747-400 Japan Self Defense Force - NG - 511575



Monday, 03.11.03:

Now available at SIA Krisshop: Heritage Set 2


Saturday, 01.11.03:

New from Netmodels:

Boeing 767-300 Virgin old color


Boeing 767-300 KLM new color

(picture ??)


Tuesday, 28.10.03:

New from BigBird:

UPS Olympic 747


China Airlines 747-400 Touch your heart


JAL 747-400D Dream Skyward Baseball



Sunday, 26.10.03:

Now available from Hogan/Herpa:

DH58002 Dash 8 ANK Himawari



Saturday, 25.10.03:

Rumours about new Herpa models 2004, made for JAL, to be distributed in Japan only:

JAL B747-100 oc JAL B727 very oc JAL DC-8-32 very oc JAL DC-10 oc JAL MD-11

(found at , has to be confirmed by Herpa)


Friday, 24.10.03:

New pictures from BigBird:



United Airlines oc 747-200


Dragonair 747-300F


China United (commercial division of the PLAAF) IL-76 B-4032


PLAAF (Peoples Liberation Army Air Force) grey colorscheme IL-76 B-4043


ANA/ANK-set 737-200




Tuesday, 21.10.03:

Coming soon from Herpa - for Expresso Wings, HKG:

Set with 747-400 BA Wunala Tail and Japan Tail - looks like Classic Wings....

(picture ; available e.g. at )


Monday, 20.10.03:

New from BigBird:

United Airlines oc 747-200 N4732U

United Airlines oc 747-200 N4735U

Dragonair 747-300F B-KAC

Dragonair 747-300F B-KAB

CAAC (commercial division of the PLAAF) IL-76 B-4032

PLAAF (Peoples Liberation Army Air Force) grey colorscheme IL-76 B-4043



Tuesday, 14.10.03:

Using DSL I didn't realize that the loading time of this page may be quite long using a normal modem:-)

If you only want to take a (daily) quick look at the very latest news you can try Hot News :-)


Sunday, 12.10.03:

Herpa re-release:

513463 AirTran 717 re-release with green/silver engine holder:


re-release on the right side



Saturday, 11.10.03:

First of all thank you very much for your encouraging feedback!

And don't be afraid - I will continue;-))))


News from WingsWorld 5/2003:

Next WingsClub model will be A 300-600 SIA with (old) Star Alliance livery.

Next eXtra-shop event model will be 747-400 Lufthansa "Sachsen-Anhalt" with additional logo

"The first real internet on board".

(available through the local eXtra shops as of December 12)


Six out of ten - Club edition 2004 election:

Tarom Tu-154

PanAm Express ATR-42

Deutsche Lufthansa / Interflug IL-18

Sabena 707-300B

Ansett 727-200 "Shooting Star"

LTU L-1011 Tristar silver/red

Swiss World 767-200

Royal Air Maroc 747SP

SAS MD-82 special livery

Royal Jordanian A 340-200

Herpa will release six out of these ten models as part of the WingsClub edition 2004.


SIA Heritage set 2 (will be available at

Malaysia-Singaore Airlines 737-100

Malayan Airways DC-4

SIA A 300 B4

SIA 747-400 "1000th Boeing 747"

(pictures Herpa/WingsWorld 5/2003)



Rerelease of 502696 Iberia 747-200:

new box, new registration EC-DIA "Tirso de Molina"



Thursday, 09.10.03:

Coming soon (???) from Herpa/Hogan:

Amakusa Dash 8

(picture )


Arrived today at Kirchhellen:

Herpa Coca-Cola 747-400 and A 340-600

Herpa Lufthansa Star Alliance Lufthansa Edition (Skyshop)


Wednesday, 08.10.03:

Dear Collectors!

I am just wondering who is really interested in all those news and details I try to collect here;-)

If you like, you can give me some feedback by mail or you can sign my guestbook

Thank you and happy collecting:-)



Tuesday, 07.10.03:

Herpa/Hogan release planned for 2004:

JAS 777-200 Rainbow



SIA Heritage Set 2 will be available November 2003.

And there are already rumours about the contents of SIA Heritage Set 3:

- SIA A 310-200

- SIA A 340-500

- SIA 727-200

- SIA Fokker 27 (Fokker 50 mould??)


Sunday, 05.10.03:

You can order a strange combination of Manchester United (Beckham) watch and Herpa Australia Asia 747 SP

at Airshop, Taiwan ( Limited set, 150 pieces:-)



Thursday, 02.10.03:

New from BigBird:

Atlas Air 747-200F (two regs.: N522MC and N540MC)


Air Pacific 747-400 (two regs.: 9V-SMD and DQ-FJK)


Coming soon from BigBird:

UPS 747-200F Olympic N521UP

ANA 737-200 old and new color, ANK 737-200 (set with three models)


New Herpa LH SkyShop models:

(NOT available at until now; try +49-18050-7597467 to order the models)

16922102 LH Star Alliance 747-400 D-ABTH (will also be available as a regular release)


16922122 LH Star Alliance A 340-600


16922112 LH/Swissair A 310-200 F-WTLH (left side LH, right side Swissair)


............ and maybe this will become a future Herpa release:

Lockheed C-130 HeavyLift (picture found at


Sunday, 28.09.03:

Herpa releases November/December 2003:

513135 HeavyLift A 300-B4F 506649 Vietnam Airlines 777-200 508568 Qantas A 330-200 505499 Go 737-300 Set with three models 510929 Levi Strauss 707-300 fantasy with Bing Teddy Bear 500272 JAL DC 10-40 New Generation 504423 Delta 767-200 The Spirit of Delta 505505 Malev 737-700 510905 Air Ukraine TU-134 510561 LOT IL-18 510912 Lufthansa CRJ 700 Star Alliance 510875 Air Berlin BAe 146

510851 US Marine Corps Blue Angels Lockheed C-130 Hercules (picture found at 508841 Iberia A 321 504157 KLM 747-400 nc 504164 Lufthansa 747-400 Star Alliance

520249 ICE (German high speed train) basic set

520201 ICE train station

520218 ICE train station accessories

520270 ICE coaches

520232 ICE tracks straight

520225 ICE tracks curved


Thursday, 25.09.03:

New from DreamJets:

ANA 747-200



Spotted at the IAA (International Car Exhibition) Frankfurt:

Herpa Lufthansa A 340-600 Star Alliance (may be available as a regular release at the end of the year)

(picture found at - posted by fraport)


Herpa advent calendar 2003 released:

If you really want to know and see..... take a look at the 1/500 forum at

There you can find some nice pictures posted by starjet (1:500 Scale Discussion Forum 23.09.03)

Good choice - thank you Herpa:-)


Saturday, 20.09.03:

Found this picture of a Herpa/Hogan FedEx A 310-200F at :



New from BigBird:

UPS 767 nc Reg. N308UP


UPS 767 nc Reg. N309UP


CAL Cargo Air Lines 747F


Skymark 767 set with 3 models


New from Netmodels:

Absa Cargo 767

UPS 767 nc

(pictures and


Monday, 15.09.03:

Now available from Herpa :

Qantas Wunala Dreaming re-release - New Generation



Thursday, 11.09.03:

Now available from ZZ-Modelle:

Blimp TV Movie (German television magazine)


Thursday, 04.09.03:

New from Herpa:

Boeing 777-200 BA Hong Kong NG Herpa Cafe (available e.g. at Toymax/HKG or ACB)