Wings Search 2003 Part 2

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (May-August 2003) 1/500 news from Herpa, Starjets, etc.


Saturday, 30.08.03 (back from France;-):

Now available from Netmodels:

JAL 747-400D "No1 Friends"


JAL 747-400D "No2 Sweet"


JAL 747-400D "No3 Family"


ANA oc 767-300


ANA 767-300 Cargo


ANA 767-300 nc and ANA 767-300 Pocket Monsters (pictures see below 12.07.03)





Friday, 22.08.03:

Now available from Hogan/Herpa:

Japan Domestic Airlines JDA YS-11 Diamond


Toa Domestic Airlines TDA YS-11 Shiretoko

(pictures ACB)

Herpa-News (WingsWorld 4/2003):

- next WingsClub release will be Corsair 747-300 "Sex"

- next MD-11 and DC-10 will be released with true-to-scale landing gear, NG versions will come later

- Airbus house colors A 310-300 will be re-released as NG with new box (501163)

- Concorde Air France F-BVFB will be re-released as NG


Monday, 18.08.03:

New accessories available soon at herpa eXtrashop:


520171 - 10 flood lights

520195 - 10 moveable passenger stairs

520164 - 10 barriers

520188 - 10 airplane towing tractors




New releases from Netmodels:

JAL 747-400D "No1 Friends"

JAL 747-400D "No2 Sweet"

JAL 747-400D "No3 Family"

ANA oc 767-300


Thursday, 14.08.03:

Herpa re-release now available:

Lufthansa 747-400 NG Saarland

(picture PTC)


Sunday, 10.08.03:

Herpa re-releases with (minor) changes are now available:

513067 Air Berlin Boeing 737-800 - additional printing ""

506328 United Boeing 777-200 - NG

(pictures ACB)


Tuesday, 05.08.03:

BigBird models are released without the little collector card now - starting with Ansett Sydney 2000 Boeing 767-300 (2003-53) and Ryanair-Set 737-200 (2003-54).


New Schuco/StarJets available:


Air Namibia 747-400


Air Tahiti Nui A 340-300


Viasa 727-200


FedEx MD-11 with MB van


BWIA A 340-300


Former releases had three differences between Schuco and StarJets releases:

- additional Schuco labels on the box

- additional Schuco belly logo

- different item number (StarJets: SJ.... - Schuco: 355...)


But the new Schuco/StarJets releases (starting with June/July releases) are identical besides a little sticker with the Schuco item number put on the European releases to cover the printed StarJets item number.


Saturday, 26.07.03:

Herpa releases September/October 2003:

- United Airlines Set (747-400 and Viscount) - A300-600 JAL nc - A310 Airbus Fleet NG - A319 Germanwings - A320 LTU "Hertha BSC" - A340-600 Lufthansa - Advent Calendar 2003 (4 models) - AN 124 Christmas Model - B707-300 Boeing Milestone Series - B757-200F DHL nc - B737-500 Lufthansa NG - B737-400 Aeroflot - B737-200 Air New Zealand - B&W Boeing Milestone Series - B767-300 JAL nc - MD-11F Martinair Prinses Maxima (roses) - CRJ700 Delta Connection - TU204 KMV - Vickers Viscount KLM

- IL-76T East Line

- Starter Set apron

(found at )


Coming soon from BigBird:

British Airways oc Boeing 747-100 G-BDPV

British Airways oc Boeing 747-100 G-AWNA

British Airways ex BOAC colors Boeing 747-100 G-AWNK

British Airways ex BOAC colors Boeing 747-100 G-AWNH

Orient Thai Boeing 747-200 HS-UTP

Orient Thai Boeing 747-200 HS-UTB


(pictures eztoys)


And there is a new sample (25 models made) made by unknown manufacturer from China:

CPAir Expo86 747-400 (available e.g. at ACB)

(picture ACB)


Thursday, 24.07.03:

Coming soon from Herpa:

Omni Air DC-10-10 (Classic Wings, will be released as a Herpa eXtra partner shop special for September 12 and 13)

(picture found at


Some pictures of forthcoming Herpa/Hogan models:

Japan Domestic Airlines JDA Boeing 727-100 JA8314



Toa Domestic Airlines TDA Boeing 727-100 Kaimon



Japan Domestic Airlines JDA YS-11 Diamond

(pictures ACB)


Friday, 18.07.03:

New from BigBird:

Virgin Express Boeing 737 (2 different registrations)

Ryanair Jaguar Boeing 737



Saturday, 12.07.03:

Now available:

Herpa Air Macau A 320 Asian Games - inflight - Classic Wings!!


Coming soon from Netmodels:

ANA 767-300 new color

ANA 767-300 Pocket Monsters


ANA 767-300 Cargo



Wednesday, 09.07.03:

Now available:

Herpa KLM Boeing 747-400 special edition with additional printings (available e.g. at ACB).

Herpa Lufthansa 747-400 "Berlin 2000" Lufthansa Edition (available at LH Skyshop).


Sunday, 06.07.03:

New from ZZ-Modelle:

Blimp with old Wicküler (German beer) colors.

Available e.g. at


Saturday, 05.07.03:

Now available at LH Skyshop:

Herpa 508551 Lufthansa A 330-200 D-AIME Lufthansa Modell Edition


Friday, 04.07.03:

How to create a rumour:-)

I thought the re-release of Herpa Beluga 3 had a new engrave on the top of the fuselage (see picture above). But in the meantime I got some of these new Belugas - and only one had the "new engrave". Therefore I am afraid this engrave was only a production mistake!? Or does anybody else have this variation?

The remaining differences of the re-release:

- blue color is a little bit brighter

- belly-logo just "herpa" (L3) instead of "herpa Wings" (L2)


Wednesday, 02.07.03:

Now available from BigBird:

Ansett Sydney 2000 Boeing 767-300

(picture by Perry Chan)


Tuesday, 01.07.03:

New from BigBird:

Set with three Boeing 737-200:

- Ryanair

- Ryanair Vodafone

- Ryanair Hertz


(pictures by Perry Chan)


Monday, 30.06.03:

Herpa re-releases with minor changes are now available:

500739 Air Canada 747-400 - metal tail and changed box

501132 Hapag-Lloyd TUI - metal tail and new engines

504676 Air France A 340-300 - belly-logo just "herpa" instead of "herpa Wings"

512077 Airbus Fleet Beluga 5 - belly-logo just "herpa" instead of "herpa Wings"

512497 BA 747-400 United Kingdom - colors of wings changed

512633 PanAm 727-100 - belly-logo just "herpa" instead of "herpa Wings"

513043 Buzz 737-300 - belly-logo just "herpa" instead of "herpa Wings"

519694 Accessories V - B12-box

519724 Accessories VI - B12-box


Saturday, 28.06.03:

New Schuco and StarJets 1/500 releases July/August:


KLM B 777-200 N/C LTU A 320 "Borussia Mönchengladbach" Olympic Airways B 727-200 Kuwait Airways B 727-200 VIASA B 727-200 American B 747-100 (chrome) American B 747-100 (polished) Turkish A340-300 (soccer colors) BWIA A340-300 Avianca B 757-200 80th anniversary



SJQFA162 Qantas 747-400 'Formula One' SJTHY194 Turkish A340-300 (Soccer Special) SJLTU191 LTU A320 (New Colors) SJAUA189 Austrian A321 (Special Colors) SJAVA176 Avianca 757-200 (Anniversary Colors)

(information found at


Some older C&C models, but also some new releases are now distributed by Fullwings. You can find more information at


Thursday, 26.06.03:

New from Netmodels:

Gulf Air Boeing 767-300 50th Anniversary


Friday, 20.06.03:

WingsWorld 3/2003 arrived!

Last minute news:

Next WW-Club model will be the Ecuatoriana Jet Cargo Boeing 707.

Air Macau inflight sale: Airbus A 320 (Classic Wings) "East Asian Games".

JTA 737-400 Papas Island "Rhino" can be ordered by Club members.

KLM Boeing 747-400 "City of Johannesburg" will be produced for the BeNeLux-retailers.

Take a look at the new issue of the WingsWorld magazine for more details and pictures:-)


Wednesday, 18.06.03:


BigBird Malaysia Airlines MAS Kargo Boeing 747-200 (two registrations) will be released in 1/400, but not in 1/500!

New sample from Netmodels:

Northwest new color Boeing 747-400 (wrong color)


Netmodels will release Lufthansa 767 Star Alliance also with white tail.

Available from BigBird:

JAL Disney No. 6 (yellow) Boeing 747-400


Korean World Cup Boeing 747-400


Available for pre-order at ACB:

Herpa Coca-Cola A 340-600 (08/03)

Herpa Coca-Cola 747-400 (10/03)


Thursday, 12.06.03:

Announced from Herpa/Hogan for September 2003:

ANK Dash 8-300 Tsubaki

ANK Dash 8-300 Himawari (sunflowers)

Japan Domestic Airlines JDA Boeing 727-100 JA8314

Toa Domestic Airlines TDA Boeing 727-100 Kaimon

Japan Domestic Airlines JDA YS-11 Diamond

Toa Domestic Airlines TDA YS-11 Shiretoko


Wednesday, 11.06.03:

New from Herpa:

(Capitol Photos)

"Last week at Schiphol Airport (SPL) Amsterdam, Her Royal Highness Princess Maxima took part in a naming ceremony of a new MD-11F plane from the Dutch company Martinair (the plane was named after her: "Prinses Maxima"). All the participating guest were handed over a Herpa 1:500 model depicting a Martinair MD-11 Freighter with flowers (roses) printed all over the fuselage. It is said, that only 100 pieces were made; a very rare model indeed."

(Peter Jos, found at )

........but don't worry;-)


Sunday, 08.06.03:

Besides the well-known re-releases of older Herpa Wings (e.g. 500746 United Airlines 747-400 NG) there are also re-releases with only minor changes (model or box). The information concerning these re-releases are hard to obtain completely, If you can add (or correct) any information - please let me know:-)

New Herpa re-releases:

- Hapag-Lloyd 737-400 (501279)

The belly-logo of the new release (on the right) is a little bit bigger, the box is a little bit different.

- Airbus Industries A 300-600ST Beluga 3 (512084):

The blue color of the new release (on the right) is a little bit brighter.


Tuesday, 03.06.03:

New from BigBird:

JAL Disney No. 6 (yellow) Boeing 747-400 Korean World Cup Boeing 747-400 Ansett Sydney 2000 Olympic Boeing 767

Saturday, 31.05.03:

New from Netmodels:

Boeing 767-300 Martinair


Boeing 767-300 Martinair 40 years in the air



Boeing 767-300 Martinair Foxkids


Boeing 767-300 Asiana Star Alliance livery


Boeing 767-300 Lufthansa Star Alliance livery

Boeing 757-200 JMC G-FCLH (changed registration)




New from Herpa/Hogan:


Boeing 767-300F ANA


Boeing 777-200 ANA

(pictures from


Wednesday, 21.05.03:

First look at the forthcoming Coca-Cola model made by Herpa. But the "real" model will be an A 340-600!

(picture from


LTU sold an A 320 LTU Hertha BSC last weekend at Berlin-Schönefeld. The model was sold in a white box. Regular or inflight release will follow.

(picture found at eBay)


Saturday, 10.05.03:

New from Herpa:

- Vickers Viscount V-808 Aer Lingus (WingsClub 2003)


Wednesday, 07.05.03:

New from Herpa/Hogan:

- YS-11 JAS Rainbow

(picture from


Monday, 05.05.03:

Announced from Herpa:

Singapore Airlines Historical Series Part 2 (4 parts will be released):

- Malayan Airways DC4 - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines 737 - Singapore Airlines oc A 300 - Singapore Airlines 747 "1000th" (no release date until now. But the first set was released and can be ordered online at SIA)


New from Herpa/Hogan:

- 51105 YS-11 JAS red/green

- 50014 Boeing 747-100 ANA NG




(picture from