Wings Search 2003 Part 1

Here you can find my find my older 1/500 news (January-April 2003) 1/500 news from Herpa, Starjets, etc.

Sunday, 27.04.03: New from BigBird: UPS Panda 767-300 UPS Olympic 767-300 Asiana Star Alliance 767-300 China Yunan Expo 767-300

Wednesday, 23.04.03: Coming soon from Netmodels:

Boeing 767-300 JAL Disney Tour

Friday, 19.04.03: New from Herpa: Singapore Airlines Historical Series Part 1 (4 parts will be released): - Malayan Douglas DC3 - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines 707 - Singapore Airlines Concorde (with British Airways colors on the other side) - Singapore Airlines 777 "50th Anniversary"

Schuco/StarJets announced the following models: LTU A320 "Hertha BSC"  Austrian A321 (Johann Strauß) TWA 747-200 Air New Zealand 747-400 All Blacks Qantas 747-400 Forumla 1 Air Namibia 747-400 Thomas Cook 757-200 JAL 777-200 (nc) Alitalia 777-200 FedEx MD-11 (with 1:87 MB Sprinter)

New from DreamJets: There are two versions of the Gulf Air A 340-300 50th Anniversary:

 engines with 50th Anniversary logo 

engines with normal logo (pictures

Sunday, 13.04.03: New from BigBird:

JAL 767 new color

New from Herpa:

Set with British Airways 747-400 Wunala Tail (1/500) and Hainan Boeing 737-800 (1/400)

Saturday, 12.04.03: New from Netmodels:

Boeing 767 Varig 500 years (picture by

Herpa will release Boeing 747-300 Corsair "Sun" via eXtra-shop.

StarJets will release at the end of April: SJMAS171 Malaysia A 330-300 SJACA142 Air Canada 727-200 SJANZ172 Air New Zealand "All Blacks" 747-400 SJAAL151S American Airlines 727-200 polished and chromed (set)

Sunday, 06.04.03: More new releases from Netmodels:

Boeing 757 DHL nc (Yellow) and JMC (pictures posted at by Alan)

Boeing 767 UPS (standard, Panda, Olympic) (pictures by

Saturday, 05.04.03: New Netmodels release:

DHL Boeing 757-200F

Wednesday, 03.04.03: New Herpa release:

Air Hong Kong set - 707-300 oc, 747-200 oc, 747-200nc (pictures 

Sunday, 30.03.03: Herpa will release two Coca-Cola Wings in scale 1/500: Airbus A 340-600 - distributed by eXtra-shop retailers Boeing 747-400 - distributed by ACB

Wednesday, 26.03.03: New from StarJets:

Royal Air Maroc 747-400 - StarJets Collectors Club model 2003

Tuesday, 25.03.03: New from Hogan/Herpa:

ANA 727-200, 747-100SR, 777-200 and 767-300F

Sunday, 23.03.03: New from Herpa:

Skymark-Set 767-300 old color and new color

Wednesday, 19.03.03: New from Herpa:

504089 Lufthansa 747-200F with WOW-sticker on the fuselage. This model is an exclusive eXtra-Shop release. WOW does NOT mean "World Of Wings", but it is a new cargo alliance between LH, SAS, SIA and JAL. You can find more information here . As far as I understand WOW is not an abbreviation, but it is a synonym for the cry "WOW!!!" .

New from Netmodels:

The first four 767 models! With Skymark livery (standard, J-Phone, Yahoo, Microsoft)

New from BigBird (pictures made by Perry Chan):

Lufthansa 747-400 in the new Star Alliance livery

BA 747-400 Water Dreaming

BA 747-400 Asia (old livery)

Wednesday, 12.03.03: New from Netmodels:

5 new European Aircharter 747-200

Tuesday, 11.03.03: New from Herpa:

First WingsClub model 2003 - US Airways Metrojet 737-200 New from Hogan:

ANA YS-11 A (JTA YS-11 A will be next release) (picture

Wednesday, 05.03.03: New from DreamJets:

Gulf Air A 340-300 50th Anniversary

Singapore Airlines A 340-300 50th Anniversary

Singapore Airlines 777-200 50th Anniversary

Monday, 03.03.03: New from Netmodels:

Boeing 757 FAT ezfly  And a new Netmodels mould for the Boeing 767:  

Tuesday, 11.02.03: Back from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2003. 

As every year exhibition hall 7 is "collector's heaven" - a lot of trains, cars, trucks - but just some aircraft models.

Only the "official" producers of aircraft models like Herpa, Schuco/StarJets and Schabak have their exhibition stands. No news from BigBird, DreamJets, Netmodels etc. Nevertheless it was more interesting than the years before, because Herpa showed a lot of really new releases planned for summer 2003 and a lot of samples. This will become a very good year for 1/500 collectors - especially for Herpa Wings collectors:-) This is a photo of the Herpa exhibition stand with the airport diorama in the front

Here are the samples Herpa showed in Nuremberg and on the "Projects 2003" page at

Antonov AN-124

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Ilyushin IL-18 LOT old color

Ilyushin IL-62

Ilyushin IL-76

Tupolev TU-154 Cubana

Airbus A 340-600 Virgin

Besides these samples Herpa showed some more new models on the airport diorama:

Tupolev TU-204 TNT (Air Cairo)

Tupolev TU-134 Aeroflot

Tupolev TU-154 Aeroflot

And some more diorama impressions: 

And there will be even more new moulds in 2003: - A 319, A 320 and A 321 will be released in new (better) shape

- A 318 and Canadair Jet 700 will be released

New accessories for 2003: - set with building site vehicles

- set with railway station, German ICE high speed train etc. - set with walls - set with people e.g. passengers, ground controllers, spotters

New 1/400 moulds: - A 300, A 310-300, A 340-500, A 340-600

New 1/200 mould: - Boeing 767

First Wings Club model for 2003: - Metrojet 737-200 (New Generation)

New 1/500 releases for summer 2003: - Air France A 330-200 and A 319 - Wunala Dreaming and Nalanji (New Generation)

And there will be even more surprising new Herpa releases during this year;-) 

Schuco/StarJets only presented the new releases already showed in the "Schuco Collection 2003" and at (e.g. set with American Airlines 727-200 polished and chrom). But they told me some more news/rumours: - next StarJet-Club model will become a Royal Air Maroc 747-400 - maybe "StarJet-Club" will change to "Schuco-Club" - new moulds in 1/500: A 380, A 340-600, MD-80, CRJ 200 - Qantas 747-400 and Australia 767 will be released in different inflight boxes too - JAL 747 new color will be released, maybe with special box for Japan - German low cost airline livieries will be released

I did not find any other interesting models in 1/500 at the toy fair. Maybe I could have find some news at Schabak, but..............;-)

Happy collecting:-)

Saturday, 01.02.03: New in 1:500:

ANA 747-400 Universal Studios

Tuesday, 28.01.03: New Netmodel released:

Netmodels JAL 747 Glay

Sunday, 19.01.03: New Netmodels released:

Netmodels Korean Air 747-200F HL7405 - limited 100

Netmodels Korean Air 747-200F HL7458 - limited 100

Netmodels Korean Air 747-400F - limited 150

Thursday, 16.01.03: New BigBirds released:

BigBird BA 747-400 Animal & Trees Tail (picture

BigBird BA 747-400 Canada Whale Rider Tail - 2. versions with different registrations (picture

BigBird JAL 747-400D new color (picture

BigBird JAL 747-400 new color (picture

Saturday, 04.01.03: New Netmodels released:

JAL Disney No. 6 747-400D (picture

Korean World Cup 2002 747-400 (picture

Wednesday, 01.01.03: Happy New Year to all of you:-) Some of you may remember the excitement concerning a Herpa LTU/McDonald's Tristar model some years ago at Wings500? Well, in fact there has never been a Herpa sample like this, it was a normal Herpa LTU Tristar decorated with some additional decals:-)   Nevertheless - would have been a nice Herpa model....................

Another special model is this chromed Boeing 747 sample made by C&C:

International Toy Fair at Nuremberg 2003 will take place 30th of January until 4th of February. Hope that I can tell you some news and show you some pictures here on 5th of February:-)))