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Here you can find my older 1/500 news (2000 - 2001)

from Herpa, StarJets, etc.


Tuesday, 04.12.01:

LTU New Generation models (inflight sale):

Boeing 757-200 and 767-300

Airbus A 330-300

Airbus A 320 will be released by Herpa in April 2002 (just a rumour;-)


Sunday, 18.11.01:

This is part of WingsWorld 5/2001 page 58 about the fake Virgin A 340-500:

Can anybody confirm this?

Thursday, 29.08.01:

There are still rumours about a new manufacturer of 1/400 and 1/500 scale models, but the brand name will be "Skywings" and not "Westwind". Let's wait and see.

Concerning the other company from Spain producing models like Herpa Classic Wings: I compared a MD-11 and a Tristar with my Herpa Wings - the spanish models are a little bit bigger than 1/500, maybe 1/460 - but the quality was not too bad.

Tuesday, 31.07.01:

Looking at some old pictures taken at Dietenhofen (Extra-Shop) this spring, I found these snapshots:



I still hope that Herpa will release the Delta Soaring Spirit (Olympic Games Salt Lake City 2002) Boeing 757-200, but I feel really sad that we will never see the SIA Tropical made by Herpa - though I understand the reason why!

I will visit Herpa again in September, maybe I can take some better photos;-)


There are rumours about another new manufacturer of 1/400 and 1/500 scale models: "Westwind". The first models will be released this year (transporters and wide-bodies). Anybody who can confirm this?


Still got no new information about the other new company making 1/500 metal models, printed, with stand.

MD 11, Tristar, 777, Concorde, A3XX, 747-400, MD 80


Friday, 25.05.01:

Rumours about a TNT Bae 146-300F oc will be released this summer by Herpa (special release for a company from Belgium)


Rumours about a new company making 1/500 metal models, printed, with stand.

MD 11, Tristar, 777, Concorde, A3XX, 747-400, MD 80

I will see some of them next week, I will tell you further details afterwards.


There is a new source concerning C&C news:

Saturday, 28.04.01:

Continental 777-200 Peter Max (506533) arrived with New Generation mould:

The box wears the hint "New Generation" in light blue letters.

The changes on the model itself:

- scaled gear with silver-painted rims and mounted gear shutters

- new fuselage with modified tail section without any visible gap or slit to put in the stabilizers

- new wings mould with additional/changed engraving (air intakes) as you can see on the pictures below



Sorry - but I am still waiting for a digital camera. Therefore I just can use my scanner to produce these pictures;-)

And last but not least the painting/printing of this wing is marvellous:-))

Thank you Continental/Mrs. Rounds for your excellent support!

Friendly service / good quality / nice price / no delay

Thank you Uwe for picking up the models at Frankfurt;-)

Wednesday, 25.04.01:

Another example for Herpa's intention to improve the quality of the Wings:

Due to some advices from the collector side Herpa changed the front gear of the Olympic Aviation Boeing 717, but they also add another little detail to the second edition - a small black point (ventilation or exhaust hole?) at the rear part of the fuselage as you can see on this photo of the original aircraft:

Tuesday, 24.04.01:

There have been always mistakes on Herpa Wings or boxes as you can see on these pictures. And in most cases Herpa tried to correct these mistakes in the past. Therefore let us hope for a second Qantas SP, a second Nalanji, a second Chelsea Rose, ......

The pictures show three variations of the 516518 LH Airbus A 340-200 boxes. The boxes have different "original dimensions" (specifications at 60.30 m, 59.39 m, 16.70 m):




So - maybe we need three versions of Nalanji etc. to get the correct one;-)


Some more concerning the spread of quality - and the reasons! Below you find some pictures of Pokemons a friend of mine got from Japan. This was the original Herpa Customer Service comment:

"Die Exklusiv-Modelle für ANA werden direkt von Herpas Zulieferer in China an

die japanische Airline geliefert. Das macht zwar die Wege kürzer und

einfacher, scheint aber auf Kosten der Qualität zu gehen: Eine Anfrage bei

Herpa ergab, dass die Pokemon-Modelle nicht durch die strenge

Herpa-Qualitätskontrolle in Dietenhofen gegangen sind, sondern direkt von

ANA abgenommen worden sind. Das Ergebnis können Sie hier sehen."

(The exclusive models for ANA were delivered directly from Herpas subcontructor in China to the Japanese airline, therefore the models did not pass the strong Herpa quality control)

So - Please Herpa check the forthcoming ANA and ANK Wings very very carefully!!!!

Thursday, 22.02.01:

At the Nuremberg Toy Fair I got a new catalogue from StarJets. Some collectors asked me to post this new catalogue here. Finally I got the permission from StarJets (Thank You:-)

Enjoy it here!

Wednesday, 21.02.01:

There are rumours about a new Herpa model that will be made exclusively for Frankfurt Airport in scale 1/500:

Boeing 777-300 white with the new Frankfurt Airport logo "Fraport"

Monday, 19.02.01:

Funny mistake! I've got a Cameroon Boeing 747-200 (502498) with mixed engines: 3 * P&W JT9D (E1) and 1 * P&W PW 4000 (E23)

E1 with a little tip (left) and E23 (right)

Sunday, 11.02.01:

New rumours concerning Herpa ANA models 1/500 for 2001:

- Boeing 727-200 oc, Showcase

- Boeing 737-200

- Boeing 767-300

- Boeing 777-300

Tuesday, 06.02.01:

1/500 news from Nuremberg and Dietenhofen:


Herpa showed the new releases for March and April (as listed and shown at Herpa Homepage) in Nuremberg. Besides that they showed a printed sample of the 747-400 New Generation. They are still working on this one (e.g. the front gear), but to me it looks really good already. E.g. the modified tail section without any gap or slit!!!

Not shown, but mentioned by leading members of the Herpa Wings Team were the following 1/500 Wings for 2001:

- SIA 747-400 Tropical

(in addition to the 1/200 Premium series and the 1/400 for SIA inflight sale only)

- Northwest Cargo special colorscheme, but not the same version as in scale 1/400

I found some other Wings that may enter the collection in 2001 (there are still some license problems) on the airport diorama at Herpa extra-shop in Dietenhofen:

- Airbus Corporate Jetliner Airbus A 319

- Canada 3000 Airbus A 320

- Delta MD-80 new color

- Delta Soaring Spirit (Olympic Games Salt Lake City 2002) Boeing 757-200

- Egypt Air Airbus A 321

- Korean Air Boeing 777-300

- SIA Tropical Boeing 747-400

- Spanair Boeing 767-300

- US Airways Airbus A 330

There are a lot of discontinued models in 2001! Take a look at WingsWorld 1/2001 page 57.

WingsWorld 1/2001 shows at page 62 (preview WingWorld 2/2001) a picture of a Herpa German Cargo 707!!



There is a new catalogue with 4 pages showing all actual StarJets including

- EAL047 Eastern Lockheed L 1011-200 polished metal

- KLM026 KLM Boeing 767-300

- DAL019 Delta Boeing 777-200 nc

- CSN041 China Southern Boeing 777-200

Though StarJets showed LH 767 and LH MD-11 Cargo samples, StarJets will NOT release LH models due to missing license. Other samples shown in Nuremberg:

- Sabena A 330 and A 340 nc

- American 777-200 and MD-11 polished metal

- Thai 777-300

- Aer Lingus MD-11

- Delta Tristar oc

- Alitalia 767

- United DC-8 oc


Little Jet:

Andy showed us a lot of interesting things (e.g. new models in different scales larger than 1/500, new livery magnets (AirImage), new aircraft posters, mousepads and a new designed shelf-system for displaying models), but concerning models in 1/500 from Little Jet there were only unpainted samples of:

- Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

- Lockheed F-117 A

- Northrop B-2 A

- Northrop F-5 E

There was a picture of the three military aircrafts at Wings500 some time ago, the former label was SM Aviation.

The Hughes Spruce Goose will not be available in 1/500, but at larger scale.


I could not find any new 1/500 manufacturer at Nuremberg. The rumours about Revell are not true, they do not have any 1/500 models.


Thank you Thomas Borgmann, Nina Wagener and Andy Andresen for your time:-)


Tuesday, 30.01.01:

First pictures of coming Tupolev TU 134. Pictures released by Herpa, January 2001. Thank you Nina Wagener and Andreas Spector for these fresh information:-)

Friday 29.12.00:

These are the Wings I know with additional blue printing:

"Die Welt erobern":

Deutsche BA 737 Bauhaus, Bavaria, Popart, Schrifttanz, Royal Aviation 737, Malev Fokker 70

"Mehr als nur Urlaub..."

FedEx A 300, MEA 747 nc, MEA A 321, Kitty Hawk 727, Japan Self Defense Force 747

Friday 29.12.00:

There are some (at least 11) regular Wings with an additional blue printing "Die Welt erobern" or "Mehr als nur Urlaub..." on top of the fuselage. They are nice looking, good printing. I'm afraid they are not made by Herpa, but unauthorised "private additional design" like the known PSW-Condor Wings offered at Wings500 some time ago.


Thursday 21.12.00:

WingsWorld 6/2000 arrived including the Boeing 737-400 BA "Saudia-Arabia" in Exclusive Series Box (501354)

Thursday 21.12.00:

Herpa Canadian 747-400 (512183) arrived today from ACB

StarJets ElAl 747-400 nc now available, Saudia and Air Canada Tristar will be delayed until January 2001 in Germany according to information from CGN, Cologne

Thursday 21.12.00:

I integrated a list of all 1/500 printed aircraft models I know (besides samples) at

If you have some time, take a look, search, enjoy and tell me your opinion, remarks, additions etc.


Thursday 21.12.00:

Interesting promotion gag: Wings in bottles ("Buddel-Flugzeuge"). There were several versions with small Herpa aircrafts made by Buddel-Bini (Mr. Jochen Binikowski), Hamburg. Take a look at his website Buddel-Bini told me, that these are authorised editions from Herpa and airline. The only problem was to get the models in component parts from China to put them into the bottles.

(pictures from

I've got some of these for my collection, but the transport by mail is a problem!

Thursday, 07.12.00:

This one is dedicated to Uwe F. (in case you cannot open your attachments correctly)

Friday, 13.10.00:

The limited edition of Air Seychelles 707 in special showcase differs from the normal version because of a hole in the fuselage to fit the model on the showcase. The Hangar is printed on the bottom with "Air Seychelles" "Boeing 707-300" and Air Seychelles Logo in silver color. The box looks very good. In addition there is a little tractor as attachment. As far as I know from WingsWorld magazine only 200 pieces were made:-)


Tuesday, 02.08.00

Coming releases from Starjets:

UTA 747-400 and United 747-400 in o/c as normal releases Virgin 747-400 - no license until now

New moulds:

1) 777-200 & 300 2) Revised 767-300 (slide in horizontal stab.) 3) Revised 757-200 (slide in horizontal stab.) 4) Airbus A-319 5) Lockheed L1011


Tuesday, 02.08.00

New releases arrived at ACB including both MEA, DAS 707, Southwest Japan

Tuesday, 02.08.00

Cathay 747-400F was released in a special green box too.

Tuesday, 02.08.00

Herpa-releases September/October 2000

Scale 1/500